Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finally joined Instagram

So I finally caved and joined Instagram. 
I'm still not sure what the big hype is about but I am enjoying using it.
I feel a little inept using the hash-tags but I am slowly learning lol

Something that astounds me is all the "selfies" that are on there!
Some of the women I know the minute they're single they start posting half naked pictures on Instagram and on FB.

I'm a total Mom because all the pics I've uploaded to Instagram are of Kai and Teddy (dog)... And I think one plate of food so I could get rid of the glare lol

Well anywho is you want to follow me here is the link to my Instagram profile... futuremrswas

If you want me to follow you on there just comment with your screen name :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I thought I had moved on (miscarriage related)

I lost our baby at the end of July. I was 10 weeks but the baby had passed away at 7/8 weeks. I actually wrote all about here.

I thought I had mourned, and moved on the best that I could.
I think I was wrong.
There are 7 women I know that found out they were pregnant around the same time we did. 

They are all still pregnant and I have been able to be happy for all of them but 2.
There are 2 girls that both just found out what they are having and have jammed my news feed on FB full of how much they love their son/daughter. I can handle that.
What I cannot handle is how they are CONSTANTLY complaining about EVERYTHING. Even the fact that they are pregnant.
They complain about being uncomfortable, getting fat, not being able to party and about how much they need a break from their other kids.

I cannot help but feel so goddamn angry at them.
I know there is a trace of jealousy that these awful Mothers are getting babies and I lost ours.
These women are getting something that they take for granted and I'm scared to try again.
I just want to scream at them but I know it wouldn't do any good and if one of them tried to start drama with me I'd probably lose my shit.
I'm terrified to try again for another baby right now.

We've decided to wait till after the wedding next year before we try for another baby. I'm hoping I'm not still scared by then.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Wizard or Demon Hunter? (Diablo 3 PS3)

This will probably be my last Diablo post unless they add something new lol

My Female Wizard is finally level 60 (5). Seemed like that took forever!
We're playing Inferno Master 1 now.
We had a bitch of a time with Hell Mode Master 3.
The bosses were so freaking HARD. We eventually dropped it down to Master 2 because we both kept dying ton. I know we cheaped out lol but I was getting pretty

Right now I have a Female Demon Hunter that is level 36 currently.
I am so torn on which character I like better!
I do NOT like the Witch Doctor at all.
HB is trying the Barbarian and seems to really like it.

I'm pretty stoked right now because I finally leveled up my Black Smith and Jewel Crafter so I'm finally finding plans to craft the higher level items.
Its ridiculous how much some of those jewels up your damage or critical hit damage.
I haven't really tried Blacksmithing anything yet I'm working on having more materials for it.

The other thing that I've noticed is how some of the cave levels seem to move around and the areas change from time to time.
I actually like this though it keeps it more interesting for me.

I'm really hoping we can eventually make it past Master Level 3.
Has anyone made it pass those?

I'm also excited because we just got a new XBox 360 so I can redo Lollipop Chainsaw. I love Juliet lol 

Why would you say that ?!?!

Like a lot of parents these days we are pretty "Crunchy" lol
Kai plays with both boy and girl toys. She has My Little Pony's driving dump trucks some days.
Other days she is running around with her hair down wearing a cape being Super Grover.
We let her pick out her clothes most days. She does pretty good usually.

The other day I ran to the local grocery store with my Mom and Kai while HB slept (he worked the night before midnight to 8 am)
Kai was wearing her favorite skinny jeans and a red Pokemon t shirt.
She didn't want me to put her hair up so it was doing its own thing.
She has strawberry blond hair that curls in every direction.
She didn't have any hair for the longest time and it is finally past the top of her shoulders.
I caved a couple months ago and we finally got it trimmed. I almost cried haha

Anyway back to my original reason for this post...

We went to grab some groceries and Kai is wandering just a little ahead of the cart checking out the apples. She is total apple fiend. Its her preferred treat from the grocery store. That or Banana chips.

Out of nowhere this older woman walks up to us. I seriously don't know where she came from because the produce section was pretty empty at the time.
Kai says Hi to her because she greets everyone.
The old woman just stares at her for a minute then looks at me and says "You really should cut his hair."
O.o Ummmm what?

I thought I had misheard her so I really said "Excuse me? What?"
I swear the old bat rolled her eyes at me "I said you really should cut your son's hair."
Whoa... I was stunned she said that to me! Like seriously WTFH?
I'm sure I looked freaking slow or something as I stared at her in shock. My Mom said she thought I was going to swallow my tongue.
Here is my response (I really wanted to swear but didn't because of Kai)

I took a deep breath and said " First off not that its any of your business but SHE is a little girl. Secondly what the hell concern is it of yours if she was a little boy with long hair."
The old biddy actually looked insulted!
She then said to me "Well you should dress her appropriately if you don't want people thinking she's a boy."
Kai piped "I like my Pokemon shirt!"
She looked surprised that Kai could talk or something.
I responded "She picks out her own clothes. I just make sure they're clean, and weather appropriate. If YOU'RE not sure about someones gender you should keep your mouth shut."
Thankfully the old woman shut her mouth and walked away.

I couldn't believe the balls she had saying something to me about how Kai was dressed.

I was raised to respect my elders but some people really abuse it.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

WTH Walgreens (parenting vent)

So Kai has a cold that just doesn't want to leave. She's had it over 2 weeks now.
No fever but a cough that just won't quit.
I've tried all the homeopathic remedies I can think of but nothing is really helping or giving her any relief.

So today I caved and picked her up some Walgreen's brand Children's Plus Cough and Runny Nose syrup.
It hasn't done jack for her.

So I then decided to set up the vaporizer in her room.
OMG is that thing a piece of crap.
The top doesn't even lock on! It just floats in the fucking water like a damn buoy! 
What a freaking waste of money!
I will never buy Walgreen's brand anything after this.

Ugh if Kai doesn't feel better by tomorrow she's going to the Pedi.

What do you all do for coughs that won't quit?