Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun outside!

Kai had a play date the other day with her best friend Maxton. 
While I actually got to have some adult conversation with Maxton's sweet momma Julia
Yay for adult interaction besides talking to HB

Max and his momma live in a town house with an itty bitty yard on a busy street so I thought they would have more fun running around our huge yard then up in our tiny apartment.
Kai LOVES sidewalk chalk and painting so this is a GREAT combo.
I made up a batch of this in a muffin tin with large cups. I used regular food coloring and made 2 of each color so they could go nuts without fighting over the colors.
They had so much fun that Julia texted me on her way home saying "Max can't stop talking about all the fun they had! He says that Kai is his friend and can't be mine!lol"
I used the recipe above this time around.
Please share any other fun kid recipes :)

Max starting out! He ended up making a cool tie dyed spot.

Going to town with paints. My Mom's dog Teddy came to visit. He left when told he'd get a bath if they got paint on him lol

Talking about all the colors :)

This is the sidewalk by our garden and next to my Dad's apartment. For about a week GrandPop had very pretty art work right outside his door

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I was stalked by a DUCK!

This evening my Dad and I took Kai to this cute little out of the way park in our City.
I had never been there before. My Dad had taken Kai there when I was going through the miscarriage to give me some peace and quiet.
Kai was dying to show me the awesome park that her and Grandpop found.

It was such a cute and out of the way little park almost in the middle of the city right off of the river.
I can't wait to take HB there. Maybe do a cook out :)

Now... I generally cringe when I run into kids at these parks. I know that sounds awful but normally those kids are a bunch of little butt holes. And their parents are usually no where to be found.
Not surprising that after we got there 2 women and their collective 6 kids showed up. Not only were they kind but they didn't stare or whisper about me nor did they call their kids away from playing with Kai.
That happens often to me and HB since we look a little different.
This day and age you wouldn't think that we would encounter that kind of stuff with dyed hair and piercings being more common place but eh. But those biatches are more common than you would think.

Any-who it was so nice and refreshing to encounter this.
All of them were polite and friendly. All the kids but one was older then Kai by at least 2 years. The Moms made sure that the older kids didn't run into Kai and that they didn't cut her off or push her out of the way.
Kai wanted to swing but we let the littlest kid a girl about 2 go first. The Mom actually "thanked" me and was genuine about it.

On to the Duck. The playground is next to the river that runs through the city. My Dad spotted 2 ducks swimming below the canoe chute.
We walked over to check them out and I commented to my Dad that it was too bad that I hadn't brought the old bread I had at home to feed them. I no sooner said the word "Bread" and one of the ducks came waddling as fast as it could up the chute lol
It started following me!
It looked at my Dad and Kai. Guess they weren't interesting.
Kai quickly lost interest in Stalker Duck and ran back to the playground equipment. I started to follow her when my Dad say "Hey look at the Duck!"

I turned around and it was still following me like "Hey whats up? I heard you say Bread? Can you hook a duck up?"
For every one step I took it would take 2 closer to me. I could have touched it!
I swear it followed me around the playground for like 5 minutes until Kai noticed the duck was still following Mommy.
At which point she exclaimed "AWww Mommy it likes you! We should take it home!" 

I replied "Really, Kai? Wth would we do with a Duck in our apartment?!"
As I say those words 5 of the Duck's buddies pop out of the weeds like "Road Trip!"
Haha... No.
Still can't believe I was stalked by a Duck...

So I heard you say "Bread"

Monday, August 12, 2013

One of my Passions... Music Part 1

Everyone always asks whats one thing I can't live without.
My answer is always the same aside from my daughter and Husband. Its... Music. I briefly mentioned it in one of my first blog posts here.

I love it all. I don't understand how someone can say that they don't like music.
Its so vital to me and can express so many different emotions at once.
I love all kinds of music. I can find something I like in every Genre no problem.

I do have favorite genres but I don't understand how some people can limit themselves to just one type of music and shun anything different without even trying.
I grew up with music in our home.
My Dad shared his love of music with me especially his love of Led Zepplin and Metallica. Later I on I shared my love of God Smack and Shinedown with him.

Music has been there for the happy times for me like my Dad teaching me how to Waltz while listening to "The Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits (not the best song for that) and going fishing on the Yellow River while "Kashmir" played in the background.
For sad times like when my Grandma died "Amazing Grace" and "The Old Rugged Cross" were her favorite songs.
The hard times like when my parents separated and when I had to live in a different town because it wasn't safe for me to stay home anymore.
AFI, Eminem, Three Days Grace, Shinedown and Pink Floyd expressed a lot of my anger at that stage in my life.
When life seemed impossible and I had hit rock bottom I found music to wrap myself in like "Bother" by Stonesour, "Poem" by Trapt, "Deny" by Default, anything by 5 Finger Death Punch.

Now I enjoy using it to express how happy I am and in Love I am with HB especially this song...

 Tristan Prettyman~ All I want is You :)

We're getting married next year and its going to be a music/geek love fest :)
I also love to express love with Ray LaMontagne, Citizen Cope, Gregory Alan Isakov.

Whenever things got hard or all seemed lost I could find a song that made me want to get up dust off and carry on. Music flows through my house like water.
We introduced Kai to our love of music while she was still "baking" :)
The songs that got her to sleep even when she had colic was "Fireflies"by Owl City, "Forever and Ever, Amen" by Randy Travis, and "The Leaving Song.Pt 2" by AFI.

Kai seems to love all music except the New Rap. I don't really let her listen to Rap right now because I think she's too young but it happens on occasion.
Her favorite right now is anything I can sing lol
When she goes through my CD's she picks out AFI or Imagine Dragons most of the time.
These are her favorite songs for me to sing to her by them right  now...

                                       On Top of the World~ Imagine Dragons.

The Leaving Song Pt2 ~ AFI


I had no idea!

Going through this miscarriage has been such a learning experience for me. Not only about miscarriages and pregnancy loss but also about infertility. I've also learned a lot about myself.
I've been going through so many changes in the last 2 weeks. I'm changing how I present myself, how I allow myself to be treated even how I react to things. I've also been changing around our apartment.

I got the all clear this weekend that in a few weeks we can start "Trying" again. I'm elated but also scared.

There are so many facets of this part of life that I'm learning about. Not just Miscarriage but also Fertility problems. I've found myself suddenly thrust into the middle of all of this.
My best friend has been diagnosed with PCOS so I am trying to educate myself about that as well so I can be there for her without asking a million questions. There's so much that Dr's don't know its astounding.

I joined an online support group on CafeMom and its so sad and amazing how many women are there that have lost multiple pregnancies.
I realized afterwards that I didn't need to join a online group.
After I made my post on Face Book and on here about the loss of our baby the outpouring of sympathy from my friends, family, and complete strangers was astounding.
So many of people shared with me their sad stories of loss and I had no idea that I would come in contact with so many women who went through the same awful thing.

There are so many things women don't talk about with each other and I really think this is one of them.
I felt so alone going through this despite having an amazing support network at home; then to have people on FB and on here reaching out to me was so touching.

I found out that October is National Pregnancy Loss Month. I plan on doing more this October to spread awareness about it.
I found thing interesting and sad info-graph about the statistics