Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thank Jeebus for the Interwebs.

Wedding planning is a beast even at the best of times.
Right now I feel like I'm herding cats lol

This was literally our last shot at having a somewhat traditional wedding.
If shizz had went south this time as it had in the past we were sooooo going to elope and not tell anyone.

It was crazy how the last 6 months just flew by and here we are with 17 days left. I'm so freaking excited XD

Things went swimmingly till about 2 weeks ago when my future MIL decided to try and make me have a nervous break down by throwing a HUGE tantrum claiming we never told her that we were getting married in October.

Ummmm excuse me? What the Hell? I feel like wedding planning has eaten the last 2 years of my life... How the F*ck did she miss the date?

Thankfully HB was able to take care of everything but in the mean time while everything was hanging in Limbo I lost some crucial time and didn't get our invitations out.

Thank Gawd for a site called PunchBowl. 
They have E-Vites that you can send for just about EVERY occasion and they help you keep track of RSVPS, and the slackers who take forever to reply.
PLUS they have options for you to add Polls to your invites like... Types of Cocktails, Potluck, music, and custom ones.
You can also schedule when to mail a reminder to the people you haven't heard from yet and it keeps everyone's email addies on file for you.
There are also cool options like letting your guests forward the invites to others and you can make it a recurring event if you want to join Punchbowl's Premium membership.
There is also a option to add a map so your peeps don't get lost heading to your soiree, add another host, keep track of how many adults and munchkins, and add a gift card option.
You can add a link to your Registry too!
I didn't join and you don't really miss out on anything is you don't.

This site is saving my caboose right now.
I love all the designs and color options that are available for free as well.
PLUS YAY paperless invites!!

*I am not getting anything from promoting this site. They have no idea I did this or even who I am. I just really loved how it saved my arse.