Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sh*t our Moms should have told us!!

I have seen so MANY articles and post about things that either...
1. No body tells us about being Moms
2. Things they shouldn't
3. Things they did (that really aren't helpful or true.)

Here are the things I wish my Mom, Mother In Law, Grandma or H*LL somebody elses Mom had told me would happen when Pregnant, breast feeding, toddler wrangling and being a Stay at Home Mom.

Here's the biggest lie I have read lately on Babble...
There's always a woman you view as a Perfect Super mom but she'll readily admit to having bad days and the latest poop explosion or other kid related accident.

To which I say BULLSH*T!! Unless you are a really good friend of said Perfect Super Mom she will never admit to anything like that AND she will make sure to make you feel inadequate either about yourself, your child, your home or romantic life. Which if you watch her generally reveals that she's unhappy about some part of her life and usually quite Neurotic or controlling when she thinks no one is looking.

About pregnancy...

I wish some one would have told me that your breasts can start leaking like a sieve starting at like 5 months. I was completely dumbfounded when mine started and it got worse when it rained!
My midwives didn't even think to mention it.

Another thing is that you can have actual contractions that don't hurt and you can have braxton contractions that hurt like a B*TCH.

 About Breastfeeding... (here's my personal thoughts on breastfeeding. Its great if you can BUT if you don't want to or can't it doesn't matter as long as your taking care of your baby don't listen to anyone's opinion. I breastfed for 7 months and then formula fed for 5 months.)

That it can hurt at first but it shouldn't hurt all the time.
That you will feel like a milk cow when using a breast pump.
That getting engorged is almost worse than labor and almost anything can make your breasts leak.
I don't know about anyone else but I had no problems with my supply. I so wish someone would have told me you can donate milk. I would have jumped on that one.

Toddler wrangling...

It would have been nice to know that there really isn't much difference between toddlers and teenagers other than dating. Neither group can control their emotions, they dress themselves ridiculously, they go through phases of loving or hating things regularly, and they throw fits thinking you're ruining their lives.

Oh and how about the fact that toddlers have the ability to demolish a room in like 10 seconds flat after you spent 2 hours cleaning it. And that they can take up 3 times the room they really need in your bed.

Being a Stay at Home Mom...

I thought staying home taking care of Kai would be easy and fun. Holy Balls I was wrong.
No one ever bothers to tell you how lonely you'll get or that at times you'll feel like you're going crazy OR that you'll forget how to have an adult conversation.

I was so lonely and I still get that way. I thought it would be so EASY to stay home with Kai but it wasn't at all. After juggling the changes and feedings and being drop dead exhausted I would have preferred a full time job. Looking back on it I'm glad I did it and I know I will do it with all following children BUT I really wish someone had like " YO that shiz is a lot harder than it looks"

I'm sure I will have many more blogs about this kind of stuff :)