Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stay at Home Mom: Coping with Daddy working 3rd shift.

I know something different works for every family but HB working 3rd shift is the best fit for ours besides a few tiny hiccups.

HB works 3rd shift doing security work at a local brewery.
Most of the time this is actually ideal for us.
He's gone while we're asleep and gets home early enough to get one on one time with Kai while being awesome and letting me sleep in a little.
Then I get up and we're able to run some errands or do something fun like go out to lunch before he has to lay down.
I don't drive because it gives me anxiety attacks after being in a couple of awful car accidents so either he drives or I walk lol
Next summer we're going to get bikes so that'll make things easier. 

Being able to let HB sleep during the day without Kai waking him 100x's has become an art form that I've near perfected!
School has been a godsend in that area as well though not too much since he currently just works weekends.

Back when he was working overnights during the week and Kai wasn't in school it took some finagling to keep her happy AND quiet.
Biggest thing that worked was building a tent!
I had no idea little ones loved tents so much.
Apparently everything is better in a tent lol