Saturday, May 24, 2014

I officially hate Barbie and I learned an important lesson

Barbie has officially been banned from our house until further notice.
Mainly the cartoon and movies but right now I could care less if Kai ever plays with the dolls either.

The other day as a reward for good behavior and since it was shitty weather Kai got to watch Netflix on the IPad once chores were over.
She knows what shows are ok and what shows are not.
She was watching Super Why and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Then she discovered Barbie Life in the Dream House and Bratz.
I figured it couldn't hurt to let her watch a couple episodes since they were pretty short and I noticed a lot of her classmates with Bratz dolls.
(I hate the dolls but I thought maybe the cartoon wouldn't be too bad)

OMG I was wrong!!! She watched maybe 3 episodes and then she turned it off so that I could charge the IPad.
She immediately became obsessed looking at her reflection and flipping her hair.
Then she started looking at her tummy. (She has the CUTEST little pudgy tummy.)
She turns to me and asks me "Mommy am I fat?"
Wth? O.o
I sat her down and immediately told her that she wasn't. That she was perfect the way she is.
I thought I had nipped that talk in the butt until the next morning when we were getting dressed for school.
She wanted to change her clothes like 6 times because her Tinker Bell shirt and jeans weren't "Cute enough"
I was like "what is up with this? THIS is your favorite shirt!"
She comes out with "Well Barbie says jeans are so last year"
Excuse me?

I swear it took me a week to get her back to normal.
I cringed every time I heard "Well Barbie..." or "Yasmin..." (a bratz)

Looking back that whole thing did teach me one big thing.
I used to complain about my weight though I tried not to in front of Kai.
Listening to a 4 year old worry about her tummy made me realize that I needed to be a better role model for Kai and start loving myself how I am instead of complaining about what I don't like.
Kai is finally back to where she is happy and doesn't worry about things no 4 year old should.
It was so bizarre listening to a little girl worrying about being fat.

 Now she's back to herself :)