Saturday, September 7, 2013

Woot freebies!

I am all about saving money though I LOVE trying new things.
I recent took a couponing class with my bestie that pretty cool.
Actually learned a ton but not sure I'll ever become one of those extreme couponers (not enough storage lmao)
My biggest score so far was 7 pizzas lol for 2.98 each plus buy one get one :)
I thought HB was going to swallow his tongue lmao
Right now I am just using it to stock up on laundry soap and cleaning products since we have a very small kitchen.

I made some friends at that class and they got me started on these 2 cool sites.
They're a little slow starting you have to take surveys etc but in the past month I've scored 2 awesome sample boxes from BzzAgent and I just started with Influenster.

What even more awesome is that you get coupons with your freebies so you can share!

Can we go thift shopping?

So I freaking LOVE thrift shopping either in actual Thrift shops or thrift saleing.
I am frugal by nature can't help it but having a small fast growing child has amplified it by 100.

Seems like she is outgrowing her clothes and shoes every-time I turn around. She has thankfully slowed down a little. When she was new she went right into 0-3 months and was in something new every 2 months!
Not everything we get her comes from thrift sales and shop but it helps fill out her wardrobe especially play clothes. Don't want her outside destroying nice school clothes when we can cheaply get her some decent play clothes
Kids grow so fast at this age that most of the clothes that are donated have minimal wear to them.
When kids get older they slow down a little and the stuff gets more worn then we'll strictly be buying play clothes.

I also love thrift clothes for myself. I am a Stay at Home Mom. I don't need brand new clothes to sit around the house in.
Dress clothes (funeral clothes lately) Those we bought new but otherwise its not necessary especially when we have one income.
I get giddy when I find something cute for cheap with the original tags still on them :D

I used to work in the sorting department at a local thrift shop and the stuff people donate falls into 2 categories for kids stuff  

1. Great all around
2. Fucking atrocious should have been thrown out

I think its terrible what some people donate. They treat donations like garbage drop off just because they want the tax right off.
Some people can't afford to shop at the mall but they also don't deserve others garbage when they might be using the clothes to better their lives. Its not going to happen when the clothes they can afford are shit with stains, tears or ripped up. No one wants that.
If you're decent enough to consider donating make sure you donate something decent.

Kai loves this song! I love the message he sends

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sex-dar Oy

Before we had Kai I thought my friends that already had kids were exaggerating about how having kids made having a sex life harder.
I thought they meant like with the sleep deprivation or laundry or something little.

OMG I had no idea that they meant Sex radar!!
Sweet Jesus Christ on a Cracker since Kai was hatched she seems to know the exact minute we're planning on getting frisky.
From the beginning she slept for 4 hours a pop but let us try to hook up and she'd wake up (she wasn't in the same room)

We started to feel like we were teenagers again lol
Then it started to get irritating to say the least. It felt like we weren't ever going to have sex again or even anything close to sex.
There for a little while I thought we were going to spontaneously combust if we ever got to more than kiss.

We finally ended up having sex in the basement while we did laundry! (she was with my Mother)
Took us 5 months to come up with that one because we were worried about our neighbors catching us.
Once she was a little older it got easier to find "us" time.
Thankfully she is a creature of habit and schedule so for a while we were actually planning our sex life which kinda took the fun out of it but it worked for then since HB worked 3rd shift.

Now that she's 4 it seems like her Sex-dar is super human.
The other day she went to my mom's house down the street to make cookies with Grandma so we decided to seize the moment and tie the true lovers knot.
We were in mid coitus and my phone rings! I chose to ignore it figuring I'd call back as soon as we finished. 5 seconds later HB's phone rings!
So we stop and he answers thinking something bad has happened...
NOPE just Kai wanting to know what we're doing and wanting us to come to Grandma's for fresh cookies O.o

HB calls her our "Chaos Factor" like a roll of the dice you never know what base we'll get to!

We know sex isn't everything but it is an important part of any relationship and I feel its important to have some sort of intimacy after having a baby. Especially when you're feeling unattractive, stretched out, and your lady bits or abdomen have been traumatized. Its not even just sex but touching and intimacy that is necessary.
I read so many women looking for help because their SO's have withdrawn, seem disinterested, or are even nervous around them. I think a goodly part of it is from the loss of intimacy.
One day I'll have HB share his take on it.

Does anyone have any fun stories like this to share? We can't be alone lol

Love no matter what (controversial)

So the other day HB, Kai and I went out to dinner at the local Red Robin (love their burgers)
We ended up with a very pretty waitress that was super friendly and great at her job.
She actually talked to Kai instead of over her. They talked about Princesses and Hello Kitty.
After she left with our orders Kai got all bashful when she walked past again and smiled at her.
HB and I both asked Kai what was up since she had been so talkative a few minutes earlier.
Kai sat there for a minute and then whispered "I want to marry that lady. She wants to marry me. She's so pretty."
She looked at me and HB while we started smiling at her.
HB spoke first "Ok but you can't marry her. Not because she's a girl but because you're 4! When you get older you can marry whoever you want and we'll love you no matter what."
I got teary eyed (damn hormones lol) and told her "We will support you in all your decisions and we'll always love you."
Kai got excited "Really! I can marry a lady!"
Us "Yes but not until you're older!"
Kai "Awwww ok"

I never thought we would be having this conversation with her at the age of 4. I'm amazed at how mature she sounded.
I know that things could change and that she might not like ladies later on or she could always like ladies.
Either way I am proud of us on how we handled it when we weren't prepared for it. It came so natural to respond how we did.

I cannot imagine disowning her over something like that.
We are Allies and proud of it. Everyone deserves the right to love.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boom! Headshot!!!


 So I know I mentioned before that I am a Gaming Momma. I have been since my parents bought me the first Nintendo with Super Mario Bros for my birthday when I was 6.
I don't care for online gaming mainly because I don't have the time for it. I prefer Platforming or free range games.
I'm not a "Gamer Girl" ahem I'm a Girl Gamer.

I had no idea that I'm considered "rare" lol I've actually been called that!
My handful of friends played video games when we were in HS so I never thought about it.

Something that really irritates me both on FB and in other online forums is all these women bitching about their SO's gaming too much.
I am perfectly ok with HB gaming because at least I know where he is and he is never too busy  to push the "pause" button and help me with dinner or Kai.
More than once I have suggested to the women that are complaining that maybe they should try gaming with their SOs. Amazingly it has helped quite a few people I know.
Gaming together is  one of the things HB and I love to do together. Its a cheap (if you already own the game or rent it) easy, fun way to spend time together.
Sometimes one of our date nights is Kai going to my Dad's for a couple hours, we order a pizza and we shoot stuff together :)

I freaking LOVE GameStop! They have saved us so much money.
In case no one knows this you can trade in old games toward new ones so you don't have to pay full price for them PLUS if you join you get discounts on a bunch of stuff like being able to reserve games before everyone else and getting a discounted subscription to Game Informer magazine!

Any ways lol Right now we are checking out the latest DLC (downloadable content) for Borderlands 2.
OMG am I hooked on this game!
I have created 2 characters that rock Zero the Assassin and Maya the Siren. Holy fudge do they kick A$$. Maya is my favorite. I love her "Phase Lock" special move.
HB really like Axton the Commando and Gage the Mechomancer.

What games does everyone out there enjoy?
Any other gamer Mom's?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Puttin a Ring on it :)

Amongst all the craziness of life thats been happening to us lately I have also been trying to plan a wedding for 2 years!

We've been engaged since October 31st 2011. We originally planned on getting married the following year on October 20th.
We ended up having to postpone the wedding due to my closest cousin passing away from cancer. I just couldn't stand to get married near such a sad date. I wanted to be there for my family more.
Then we were suppose to get married this past July 6th but decided to postpone it due to my Grandpa having brain cancer, HB's Grandma (ny) having lymphoma and my Great Aunt (KY) having stage 3 breast cancer. All of of our out of state family both in NY and KY couldn't make it due to helping the out Grandma and Aunt. Which we understood and decided to wait until everyone can make it.

So its been hectic trying to plan a wedding around here lol
I'm so excited though because we are finally making progress!!!
We are finally getting married next October 4th :D

We have the venue booked, all the wedding party picked out and informed.
I am very anal and a touch OCD so I have written our entire ceremony and designed the RSVPs, invitations, programs, guest mad lib cards and our thank you cards.
I'm also going to be DIYing the wedding favors, possible the wedding party gifts too! Good thing we have a long winter up here lol
I have been going nuts over this great site that has loads of ideas called Offbeat Bride. I've also been going crazy finding amazing ideas on Pinterest.
I am a Pinterest addict!!
HB has limited me to trying one new recipe from there a week and I have to have a back up idea in case it doesn't turn out lol 

This is the super cute pic for our Thank You's

I can't wait to share all my projects as we get closer to the big day!!