Wednesday, September 25, 2013

That wasn't too hard... Lets jump 2 levels... HOLY shit NO (Diablo 3 PS3)

So HB and I just beat Diablo 3 for the first time. We were both playing as Female Wizards (that was confusing for a bit) and we played at difficulty level... of Normal and Medium.
We were level 30 Wizards when we beat and were like

 "Wow that wasn't so hard! Lets go up 2 levels in difficulty!"
So we jumped up to Nightmare Master 1.
OMG did we get our asses kicked!!

 We died so much in the beginning we barely made it to The Ruins before we were like "Fuck this! Lets drop it down a level"
So we're now doing Nightmare Hard.

 We're died quite a bit at this level too but not as bad as before.
I was really surprised how much HB was dying because he's played this a ton on PC so I figured I would be the only one dying lol
He hasn't died as much as me but pretty close!
I'm still immensely enjoying this game

Cuddles and Blow Guns

There are some days when I want to just cuddle the bejeezus out of Kai and then there are other days when I want to take HB's blow gun and tranq her little butt. Go tribal on her tushy lol

Since she started school she's been going through some serious attitude issues.
Thankfully we found that its only at home that she's giving attitude at.
According to her teacher when she's at school she's a perfect angel.

At home she's mouthy, rude, and flat out refuses to listen. Whats worse is that she's began to whine and throw tantrums which she had never done before.
When she does that she loses privileges such as her leap pad, movies, TV and getting to go anywhere.
Its like a vicious cycle!

Its been a week and a half of this craziness!

I'm really hoping its just her adjusting to the stress of the schedule change and such. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sometimes I forget...

With all the frustrating things going on lately I sometimes forget to stop being stressed over thing I can't do anything about and count my blessings.
I know there are things I cannot control and things I'm never going to get answers to. I hate knowing that those answers are never going to come but thankfully realize it.

I enjoy making lists so here is the list of my blessings...
  1. HB and Kai (couldn't chose)
  2. My Dad
  3. My Mom
  4. My (soon to be) In-Laws
  5. My family
  6. My BFF
  7. The fact that we have a warm home
  8. Food on the table
  9. a vehicle that runs
  10. HB has a good job
  11. I am lucky enough to stay home.

So hooked! (Diablo 3 PS3)

First I have to once again profess my love of GameStop.
We traded in 5 games plus HB has a membership card for there PLUS they already had a used copy (craziness) so we got Diablo 3 for a whole $10!
Talk about a total freaking score! I <3 them so much.

Anywho... So we've been playing all weekend whenever HB isn't sleeping lol And we made it to Chapter 2 finally.
I love love LOVE my character the Female Wizard! She kicks major butt.
The only downside is that HB is also playing as a female Wizard and sometimes we can't tell them apart lmao
BUT I found this awesome little thing that gives my character sweet white angel wings so I can tell them apart finally!

The game play is great and I love the story line.
I'm very new to the Diablo games so I don't know anything about them but this is a great storyline.
I'm learning so much when it comes to finding gems now and being able to combine them into better gems.
I haven't messed with blacksmithing yet. I've left that to HB lol

I have some pretty sweet items that all have additional experience on them so I'm gaining XP faster then HB :)

HB was commenting on how interesting it is that you can find Legendary and Rare items so much easier compared to the PC version.

Can't wait for HB to get home from finales so we play some more ::goofy grin::

Sunday, September 22, 2013

4 year old torture techniques

Holy cow today Kai has been working on her torture techniques.
I swear if you ever want to drive someone nuts to get information out of them just sticking them in a small room with 4 year old and their favorite movie AND no way to watch it.
They will give everything you want including blood to get away from the whining and begging.
Kai has begged, pleaded, whined and outright cried over everything today.
She has also been mouthy, sassy, destructive, and rude which has lost her TV and movies for the day. So everything she's been whining about she did to herself. Now if only I could get her to realize that!
Anyone else go through this with their little ones?