Sunday, October 13, 2013

WTH Walgreens (parenting vent)

So Kai has a cold that just doesn't want to leave. She's had it over 2 weeks now.
No fever but a cough that just won't quit.
I've tried all the homeopathic remedies I can think of but nothing is really helping or giving her any relief.

So today I caved and picked her up some Walgreen's brand Children's Plus Cough and Runny Nose syrup.
It hasn't done jack for her.

So I then decided to set up the vaporizer in her room.
OMG is that thing a piece of crap.
The top doesn't even lock on! It just floats in the fucking water like a damn buoy! 
What a freaking waste of money!
I will never buy Walgreen's brand anything after this.

Ugh if Kai doesn't feel better by tomorrow she's going to the Pedi.

What do you all do for coughs that won't quit?