Saturday, July 6, 2013

Life flipped over.

Well I'm finally back at the key board after having a HUGE surprise dropped in our laps.

Found out 3 weeks ago that we are expecting Baby #2!
Totally wasn't expecting that especially since when we had one accident I took a dose of the Plan B pill.
I had never heard of it not working before and apparently is so unheard of that I have only now met 1 count em 1
woman that the Plan B didn't work for and I talked to almost 30 women.
Pretty crazy.

Now that we are over the shock of it we are getting excited. I am only 7.5 weeks right now.
Kai is thrilled beyond belief. She says she can't wait till she's a big sister. She doesn't care if its a brother or a sister she just wants a baby.

I just have a feeling its another girl but honestly I don't care as long as its healthy.

I've already called and made an appointment to see the midwife group that is connected to a local hospital.

From my calculations I am due mid February. I'm stoked to start sewing blankets and cloth diapers. I'm going to be even crunchier with this baby :)