Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Borderlands 2: Son of Crawmerax

So for our date night last week we decided to stay in and download the newest DLC for Borderlands 2.
I had no idea they had even released a new DLC. I thought Moxxi's Valentine one was the last since they're coming out with a new Borderlands hopefully this fall. (I'm so EXCITED!)

HB surprised me and had it downloaded while we were getting the munchkin settled into bed.

I was pleasantly surprised at the content on a whole.
Sir Hammerlock is one of my favorite Borderlands characters especially after the Bullymongs quest. (Bonerfarts...bahahaha)

The tropical setting I thought was a nice touch since Hammerlocks Big Game hunt is in that drab marsh setting.
The crazy fiddler crab looking things were a fun new enemy. They're called Craboids.
There is a new colorful type of Varkid in this DLC as well called the Tropical Varkid.

The 2 quests in this DLC are fun and funny. Hammerlocks dry humor always helps.
For the first quest you have to get a Varkid drunk and use it to track Hammerlock. That was pretty hilarious.

My favorite quest though was the Victims of Vault Hunters support Group with Sparky Flynt (Captain Flynt's son) as the host.
All in all we really enjoyed this DLC and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.
Also can't wait for the new Borderlands to come out this Fall!
I know what I want as a wedding gift now ;)