Monday, March 10, 2014

Feeling Slightly Blind

So I found out Friday that I am nearsighted.
I knew something was up when I started being unable to see the small print for the weather warnings if I was more then 4 ft from the TV and I couldn't read the tiny print on some of the video games I play.
I also noticed that if I was playing like a first person shooter game I would get a headache pretty fast and motion sick which I never used to.

I kinda figured I was going to need at least reading glasses.

So I scheduled my first eye appointment (ever).
HB still couldn't believe I had never gone to an Optometrist before. I always had perfect eye sight before and my parents never took me.

I had no idea they did so much! The glaucoma test was pretty crazy with those puffs of air right into your eye.

I had no idea that my vision was as bad as it is until they put that giant thing with the adjustable lenses on me.
The Dr flipped one switch and holy COW everything was so much more defined! I could see without squinting!

I have to wait 2 weeks before my glasses will be in and boy am I feeling blind right now.
Its going to be weird wearing them but I'm ok with it. I don't view as I'm getting old at all.
read a TON and I draw a lot and doing Henna involves some very tiny details.
I know I've given my eyes a lot of work and for not needing glasses 27 years isn't too bad.

Mad Moxxi and The Wedding Day Massacre (review)

So a couple weeks ago when it came out around Valentines Day HB downloaded the latest DLC for Borderlands 2 for us to play together.

Mad Moxxi and The Wedding Day Massacre.

First off I have to admit that I love Mad Moxxi. I think she is a hilarious character with a pretty unique outfit. I love the attitude they gave her and how she seems to have her finger in every pie. Her sexual slip ups are pretty funny too.

This DLC was pretty short honestly compared to the others like Bunkers and Bad Asses but I still enjoyed it.

The fact the she is related one of the red neck clans is pretty funny on its own and that she thinks a love match will fix it is ridiculous.
The Bride and Groom are 2 Goliath one from the Hodunk's and the other a Zaford.
Moxxi has you run around gathering Love Potion ingredients including a Goliath Baby lol
That was interesting.
HB discovered on accident that the holes in the Mountains are actually Leprechaun holes!
He was grabbing ammo when a little cursing Leprechaun came bolting out. Those little things are fast!
There is one part that we haven't finished yet which is the different elemental Threshers.

You spike the wedding punch with the love potion and then the Goliath bride and groom decide to kiss. They take off their helmets and their creepy little heads kiss THEN they immediately start Raging.
The first time around it went fairly easy but we discovered if you go back you can fight them a 2nd time!
This time if you don't kill them close enough together they can revive each other!
And each time they do they LEVEL up! When we finally managed to kill them they had each reached God-liath.

All in all not a bad addition to the awesomeness that is Borderlands 2.