Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sings to my soul (bluegrass)

Lately Bluegrass music has been singing to my soul in a serious way.
I can't even begin to explain it. 

Something in the songs I've been listening to on repeat have just been incredible soothing to me.
I love singing along with the music as well. 

It helps knock Kai out in no time. I never thought choir would help this way. 

My Mom is from the South (Kentucky) so maybe its my genetics that this music is speaking too.

I have such an intense love of music.
I can find something to love in just about all music.
There are times though when certain forms of music just resonate with me. Lately it has been bluegrass.
I'm still planning our wedding and for that a lot of Alt music is just sounding right to me.

Here are a couple of the bluegrass songs that have been singing to my soul...

The Steeldrivers~ Sticks the made Thunder

Sarah Jarosz~ Tell Me True

Someone has trust issues

I have seen quite a few joint FB accounts jumping up all over my news feed lately.
Now I wouldn't think this was too odd except a few days earlier the couple had separate accounts.

Some people say they're doing it as part of a fad while others say they are doing it because they "trust" each other completely.

Well I call Shenanigans on that malarkey.

When couples suddenly do that it practically screams to me that one of them doesn't trust the other.
It makes me wonder what they're hoping to accomplish by joining accounts.
I mean honestly what is stopping one of them from opening another FB account and hiding it or just starting a dating site account.
I seriously think that making a joint account will just cause more trust issues rather then repair anything.

I also think it is a sign of extreme insecurity and clingy-ness.
If you don't have trust in your relationship what do you have?

HB has all the info to access my accounts and I have the info to access his stuff. We hardly ever use it. It usually gets used when asked lol

 The few occasions joint accounts makes sense to me is when like my cousin was deployed overseas he and his wife made a joint account for family members since she would be able to answer questions faster then he would.

Oh well to each their own.

The lost art of Excuse Me and getting schooled by a 4 year old.

I don't care how bad of a day you're having there is no excuse to be rude.
The day after we found out that our baby had passed away I started crying in the middle of the grocery store and I apologized to the girl checking us out before I ran to the truck.

Today I went to the Grocery store with my Mom to get the last things we needed for Thanksgiving and HB's birthday dinner. (His birthday is Tuesday)
I should have stayed home! The store was a mad house because some how we missed that they were having some sort of Holiday/Festive Snack sample shenanigans O.O
There were people EVERYWHERE!

Kai almost got squished a couple times and I was rammed into a few times by impatient little blue haired old ladies.
I do not understand how Holiday dinner shopping translates into "Try to ram me with your shopping cart just because I'm in front of a display you want to look at for 5 minutes without grabbing anything"

When we were about 3/4's done with our shopping I ended up picking Kai up and setting her on the handle bars/front of the basket of the cart. 
I hooked my fingers through her belt loops to make sure she didn't slip anywhere. She snuggled her head into my shoulder/chest and just leaned into me. Quite a few older ladies saw her and said "Awwww. That's so sweet! Is she sleeping?"
To which Kai would popped up and said "Nope not sleeping! Just snuggling my Momma"
Which made the ladies "Awwww" some more. 

I needed cake mix for HB's birthday cake and when I got to that aisle there were a group of older ladies blocking the entire aisle! I assume they were about my Mom's age (late 50's)
I said "Excuse me" at least 5 times and they continually ignored me even though I got louder each time I said it. 
Apparently Kai thought I needed her help in this matter. So she came to my "rescue".
She went up the women (she is at butt height lol) right next to their big behinds and said loudly "My Mommy said Excuse Me! That means you're in her way!"


They looked down at Kai, turned bright red, told me they were sorry and promptly left. 

For a second I was torn between being embarrassed or proud of her. 
I chose to be proud of her. 

I have learned today that having manners and using them are a dying art form. I really hope that Kai's generation can bring it back.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

No school like old school :)

Playing Super Mario Bros 3 on my Yobo :)

Now that winter has arrived up here our outdoor forays are limited.
I don't mind the cool/cold weather but Kai hates it. She despises being cold.
Last year I bundled her up to go out and build a snow man. She made it 15 minutes and then wanted Daddy to take her back in.
I try to get her outside to play more but I'm not going to make her miserable in the process.
During the winter we socialize with our downstairs neighbors more (they have 3 kids) and we go walking at the mall lol She LOVES shopping.

Last year she was too little and wouldn't sit still long enough to play any games. By midwinter we were going nuts. I was sick of the mall and she was getting cabin fever something fierce.

So THIS winter we decided to try something new.
Its been raining and nasty cold out already so the other rainy day while we were hanging out with my Mom we busted out my Yobo. My original NES died a while back due to lighting shorting it out.
I was able to go to a local game resale place and get a Yobo.

I was amazed when I gave Kai the controller and she was actually able to make Mario go bouncing across the screen.
When we had tried playing on the Wii she died almost instantly.
Honestly I think the shape of the nunchuk messed her up.

Whats funnier is that on the "Spade" bonus area (the one where you have to match up the pieces for lives) Kai can get a 2 lives Mushroom every time!
I've only seen her mess one up. Its so adorable because she calls them "Marshmallows"
We've made it to world 3 (water world) finally. I make sure to limit how long she plays for. She hates the fish but thinks the Frog Suits are adorable.

I love sharing this game with her! It brings back so many great memories and its great making new ones with her doing something we both enjoy.
I used to love playing it so much back when my parents got me my very first Nintendo when I was 6.
Between that and Gauntlet I was so hooked on games.
I can't wait to dig out my Super Nintendo and introduce her to those games.