Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mommy Dates, The Conjuring and Minions

I know date nights with Daddy are important but so are Mommy dates with other Mommies. I don't go out to often without Kai. For many reasons the main ones being...
1. We don't go out much. We're homebodies and stopped partying when we decided to become parents. We'd rather spend time together. We go out once a year for our Birthdays. They are only 3 weeks apart so we do it together.
2. I feel like I'm missing a limb without her and I usually enjoy taking her places. Everyone has a day where they would rather not take their child shopping or on other errands with them. 

3. I don't really have anyone I trust to babysit besides my parents and In laws (they live in a different town). My Dad still works and my mom has health problems. Plus I know they have lives outside of me and my family.

4. We like doing things as a family. When we actually have the time to. We took Kai to see Despicable Me 2 yesterday. SO CUTE! I love the Minions. Kai says she's a Mommy Minion now lol

Last night I got to go on a Mommy date with my BFF Moua. We went to see the movie The Conjuring. Holy Crap FREAKY!! Didn't help we were only 2 rows from the screen lol
It had a good easy to follow story line and even had a smaller offshoot story.
It was well acted and actually kinda believable.
I would recommend it to anyone that likes the Spooky and Supernatural.
We finished the night by meeting with HB and Kai at Perkins for a late dinner. I LOVE their Build Your Own Omelet :) 

It was so nice and relaxing getting a  short break from Kai and enjoying some adult interactions but by the end I missed my Munchkin. 

Our Announcement

We finally announced our pregnancy to the FB world yesterday. I was kinda nervous because I just wasn't sure what to expect as a reaction!
I am stunned by how many congratulations and happiness we received (via comments) We made sure we told our families first because that's no way for your parents to find out you're pregnant is from Face Book.
Kai was so excited to help make our announcement and was thrilled to wear her Big Sister shirt.

She says she still wants a little sister and honestly I think this is another girl. My face is breaking out which also happened with Kai. All my friends that had boys didn't have any acne. We really want another girl so here's hoping!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It just went "click"

We've been struggling with potty training for over a year! O.o 
Nothing worked with Kai. I read countless Blogs and parenting articles trying all the tricks. I made 2 potty charts got her special stickers for them, special treats, special Hello Kitty underwear that she picked, we tried naked training, putting the potty in the living room, even talked to her Pediatrician (he was no help) and finally threw our hands up and bought Pull Ups though we bought the Target Brand. They worked great and they're not as expensive. Plus Kai loved the Fairies and Unicorns on the girls pull ups. 

2 days ago it suddenly just "clicked" with Kai and now she's been going on the potty with no problem. She's only had 2 accidents, 1 when she caught a shiver from the AC and the other when she was waking up from her nap.
I am beyond proud of her except for one little thing... She keeps trying to play in the potty after she flushes it! Like OMG EW!!!
We went through this a while ago when she was first discovering the potty. I thought we had broken her of playing in the potty.
Now she's getting mad at me because I don't trust her in the bathroom alone >.<
Oh well I'm sure things will even out soon.
She told me today that she wants to be a good big sister so that's why she's going in the big potty. Awwwww
Plus she is super excited to start 4K this fall. She has been dying to go to school since Daddy start back to college in April. 

She's growing up so fast but I'm so proud of her! :') I know with a new baby coming this is a good thing but I'm still sad to see my baby growing up.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

How did I forget this!

Kai is only going to be 4 next month. I don't know how I forgot how cruddy I would feel in the first trimester.
I had completely forgotten about the nausea, the insane increase in my sense of smell (I feel like a blood hound lol)
, the crazy hormonal roller coaster,and being so tired!

What really gets me is the nausea isn't constant now but I think my eating little meals helps.

Kai is going to be a great big sister.
Kai is super excited and says she wants a baby sister. I have this gut feeling that its another girl which would be awesome because that's what we both want.

Kai is a little confused about how the baby got in my tummy. Here's our convo about it...

My mom:" Kai are you excited about the baby?"
Kai:" Yeah! When is she getting here?"
My mom:" Well not for a while..."
Kai:"Where is she?"
My mom:"In Mommy's tummy for right now."

Kai spins around to look at me eyes huge "Oh my gosh Mommy! Did you eat the baby!!"
Me (laughing):" No I didn't eat the baby. Daddy helped put her there."

She waited til we got home to see Daddy and ran up to him and yelled "Thats a naughty Daddy putting a baby in Mommies tummy!!"
I don't think I've seen him laugh so hard in a long time. 

I can't wait to see her face when she hears the heartbeat at my Drs appointment :)