Sunday, March 2, 2014

Omigawd! (sexting gone wrong) swearing

So I know people are pretty divided on "sexting" some do it, others are against it; sometimes for a good reason.

HB and I sext because we rarely get any alone time unless we're going to bed and then 2 nights out of 7 I'm going to be alone.

SO we sext. I think it helps build the anticipation for when we actually get time to be intimate. Plus its kinda fun ;)

Anyways here is my story of sexting gone wrong that could have gone way worse then it did.

This evening like many Sundays we went to my Dad's for a family dinner.
Afterwards I was chilling in the kitchen talking to my Dad while HB and Kai were playing around in the living room watching TV.
HB has tonight off and not much homework so I seized the opportunity to send HB a naughty text.
I have a pic on my phone of me giving HB head.
I thought I would send it to HB with a winky emoji saying "tonight"

Well I forgot the last person I had texted was my Dad.  O.o
(you can tell where this is going)

Oh my gawd ya'll I sent the picture to my DAD!
I would swear on a stack of bibles I had switched it to HB's name but NOOPE
it said "Sending to ICE DAD" Fuuuuuucking hell

I immediately panicked but tried to hide it from my parents. Because I knew if they asked what was up I was going to start laughing hysterically and tell them. I suck hard core at lying or keeping anything from my parents.

I snatched up my Dad's phone without thinking.
He's like what are you doing with my phone? I don't grab yours.

The first thing I could think of was to tell him "OH I accidentally sent you an emoji meant for Moua (my bestie). You don't have a smart phone so I wanted to see if it would show up"

Thank sweet baby jeebus that he is slightly cell phone inept and he believed me. That text came and oh Christ on a Cracker you could see EVERY detail.
I immediately deleted every trace of that picture and stopped sweating.

That probably would have been one of the most AWKWARD moments of my life!