Monday, October 14, 2013

Why would you say that ?!?!

Like a lot of parents these days we are pretty "Crunchy" lol
Kai plays with both boy and girl toys. She has My Little Pony's driving dump trucks some days.
Other days she is running around with her hair down wearing a cape being Super Grover.
We let her pick out her clothes most days. She does pretty good usually.

The other day I ran to the local grocery store with my Mom and Kai while HB slept (he worked the night before midnight to 8 am)
Kai was wearing her favorite skinny jeans and a red Pokemon t shirt.
She didn't want me to put her hair up so it was doing its own thing.
She has strawberry blond hair that curls in every direction.
She didn't have any hair for the longest time and it is finally past the top of her shoulders.
I caved a couple months ago and we finally got it trimmed. I almost cried haha

Anyway back to my original reason for this post...

We went to grab some groceries and Kai is wandering just a little ahead of the cart checking out the apples. She is total apple fiend. Its her preferred treat from the grocery store. That or Banana chips.

Out of nowhere this older woman walks up to us. I seriously don't know where she came from because the produce section was pretty empty at the time.
Kai says Hi to her because she greets everyone.
The old woman just stares at her for a minute then looks at me and says "You really should cut his hair."
O.o Ummmm what?

I thought I had misheard her so I really said "Excuse me? What?"
I swear the old bat rolled her eyes at me "I said you really should cut your son's hair."
Whoa... I was stunned she said that to me! Like seriously WTFH?
I'm sure I looked freaking slow or something as I stared at her in shock. My Mom said she thought I was going to swallow my tongue.
Here is my response (I really wanted to swear but didn't because of Kai)

I took a deep breath and said " First off not that its any of your business but SHE is a little girl. Secondly what the hell concern is it of yours if she was a little boy with long hair."
The old biddy actually looked insulted!
She then said to me "Well you should dress her appropriately if you don't want people thinking she's a boy."
Kai piped "I like my Pokemon shirt!"
She looked surprised that Kai could talk or something.
I responded "She picks out her own clothes. I just make sure they're clean, and weather appropriate. If YOU'RE not sure about someones gender you should keep your mouth shut."
Thankfully the old woman shut her mouth and walked away.

I couldn't believe the balls she had saying something to me about how Kai was dressed.

I was raised to respect my elders but some people really abuse it.