Sunday, April 14, 2013

Doctor Kai

Every time I or anyone else asks Kai what she wants to be when she grows up she excitedly shouts "A Doctor!!"

For Christmas we got her a Dr. Kit from Target that got rave reviews. It is her favorite toy EVER! She has been doctoring everyone and thing she can. Its so stinking CUTE!

(My pet name for Charles is Honey Bee so I'll be referring to him as HB from now on)

So HB recently developed a cyst on his tail bone. Its been recurring but this time is worse than before so he is having surgery to remove on the 17th. He works 3rd shift also on top of going to school. 

Earlier this week he was sleeping and here is the conversation between Kai and me.

 I spot Kai creeping towards our room.

Me:"NO! You can't wake Daddy up yet."

Kai with pouty face:"But... But I NEED too!"


Kai:" I need to fix Daddy's tail. He can't wiggle!"

Me choking back laughter:" Well you can wait til Daddy gets up. He's not wiggle much right now anyways."

Kai giving me the "Eye":" But Mooommy I'm Doctor Kai!"

Me:" Even Doctors have to listen to their Mommies."

Kai:" Ugh Fine!" and goes stomping into her room.

WTH when my 3 year old turn into a teenager? O.o

My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls and Zombies OH MY

This past couple days Kai has been on a roll of thinking everyone is a Zombie. I have no idea where that came from but it was pretty hilarious when we were walking through the neighborhood grocery store and Kai encountered a little old lady.
Seriously this little old lady looked well over a 100. 

Little old Ladies love talking to Kai. Usually she is polite and charms the pants of them  but not today. She looked at the little old lady and shrieked "AHHHH ZOMBIE!!!"
then hid behind Mommy while I apologized profusely while trying to not laugh.

Thankfully it seemed like the little old Lady accepted my apology but I'm not sure :/ She waved it off with a "Kids will be Kids" but I'm not sure.

I would hate to think of her punishing her Great Great Great grandchildren over that.

Around here we have been enjoying all the old Cartoon Network stuff that has been added to Netflix recently. I'm so HAPPY!!

1. Getting to revisit childhood favs

2. I finally get a break from Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity. (YES!) I enjoy MLP in small doses but with this terrible weather and a little girl that hates the cold. I now have all the episodes memorized including songs.

Our new Favorite is the Powerpuff Girls which ROCKS!

Kai though is currently disappointed that she can't fly and she can't shoot lasers out of her eyes. (THANK JEEBUS though could be handy for popcorn)