Friday, October 17, 2014

Butt Slam FTW! (Borderlands Pre-Sequel PS3)

So HB and I recently got married (Oct 4th) and our wedding present to ourselves was the newest Borderlands Pre-Sequel.

Omg its so much fun!
We're almost halfway done playing through as Wilhelm(HB) and Athena (Me).
I really like Athena though I wish she was a little more like a Siren (Maya).
Athena is the Gladiator class though she's actually an Assassin which originally made me think she'd be more like Zero but nope.
She is great with all guns and her special skill with the Kinetic Aspis is pretty awesome. She can throw it and pegged enemies with it and also absorb damage for a limited time.

Wilhelm is pretty funny and HB seems to like him though his skill trees are a little different.
His special skill of the 2 drones is pretty cool and I like them way better then Gage's Deathbot which always got in the freaking way.

The graphics are amazing and the landscapes are gorgeous.
I love that the characters have more dialogue and comebacks.
Its so weird that Handsome Jack is a good guy in this one though he's just as funny as he was in Borderlands 2.

I love the new addition of Laser types weapons. They are badass!
We're at level 16 now and have only opened 3 of the weapon slots which is a little frustrating considering by this level in #2 you have them all open.
We're working on finding the next quest that should open the final weapons slot.
There are a ton of side missions that seem to be scattered through out the map.
The Oz masks are pretty awesome as well.
I found one that makes it so the O2 canisters actually heal you which is sweeet!
HB found on that adds corrosive damage to your butt slam and then makes it sound like you just ripped a massive poot lmao
Our 5 year old thought that was HILARIOUS!

Our game play will probably be put on hold till Sunday because HB has to work tonight and tomorrow night. 

But so far this game is pretty Epic and funny.