Monday, December 30, 2013

But its MY Birthday too!

So my birthday is Christmas. December 25th.
I haven't met too many people with the same birthday as mine.
I've met people that claim their birthday is on Christmas but turns out its on like the 23rd or 26th. (fibbers lol)
I can't count how many time upon hearing when my birthday is someone always comments "Awww man that's gotta suck!"
Jeez Thanks.

Now that I am a Adult and a Mommy Christmas is usually an internal power struggle because part of me wants to just relax because its my birthday! The other part of me knows that I need to make sure everyone is happy not just me and that I can relax later.

I even had this problem when I was younger as well.
My parents would be pushing me to get a move to go to my Grandparents and I would be dragging butt because I wanted to stay home and watch my new movies or play with what I had gotten. 

This year though HB totally stepped up more and helped make it both an Awesome Birthday and a Great Christmas :)
In past years he's always been working during the day and couldn't help much aside from presents.

As far as presents go he hit a home run there too. He got me a copy of one of my all time favorite movies and a Kindle Fire HD.

I know Christmas is always going to be a juggling act but for right now I think we've got it all figured out

I'm determined to stick to it!

In years past I have only halfheartedly made New Years Resolutions and have NEVER kept them (my bad lol)

Welp this year I plan to do better and stick to my resolutions. I'm not going to do anything like... This year I'm going to the Gym every day.

Pffft yeah right.
I'll manage about a week tops and then start making excuses. I know me, I've seen me do it!

This year I aim to keep my goals small and easy.

Resolution #1
I'm going to try really REALLY hard to contain my temper better.

Resolution #2 Any day that the weather is permitting I will at least walk around our block. Preferably I'll jog or run.
When the weather sucks I will go up and down the stairs 5 times.

Resolution #3
Try really hard to eat better and tone up

I'm limiting myself to 3 because I don't want to go nuts with them lol
I am determined to stick to these no matter what! (unless I break a leg then no running)