Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Modern Toddler and Gummy Style

I know I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it a million more times but Kai never stops amazing me. I love watching her personality emerge and rediscovering old things with her.

Today the weather has been cold and damp so we're staying inside for now. She's impatient for my Dad to call because when he does she gets to go for a ride in Grandpop's truck and they're going to Menards to get more sand for her sandbox.

We have basic cable currently though there isn't hardly anything on right now that I want Kai to watch. I am so Anti SpongeBob its not funny. He irritates the freaking hell out of me and Kai seems to lose her little pea pickin mind after watching one episode. So we don't do that anymore.
I am all about PBS and Disney Junior. Hopefully once HB gets more hours at work we'll upgrade to the expanded that has the Disney Junior channel till then eh.
I have discovered though that Kai enjoys The History Channel shows like American Pickers, Swamp People, and America Unearthed. She also likes Food Network's Iron Chef America.
I do my best to limit her TV time and go outside when the weather permits.
Today however she surprised me by asking me to turn on my stereo to listen to the CD I have in. I hadn't realized she liked The Black Keys.
We had an impromptu dance party to The Black Keys. She enjoyed the entire CD but really got down for Lonely Boy and Gold on the Ceiling.

I'm not surprised that she likes music so much because her Dad and I are big into music.
The music she picks is what really surprises me. She likes AFI, The Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, Iron and Wine, A Band of Horses, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, The Jaggernauts (local Band) and for some reason Psy. She loves dancing to Gangnam style. She calls it Gummy Style.
Her Daddy found this version and I've watched it way more than I care to admit :)
Kai even has her own playlist on my Youtube full of Sesame Street, Tinker Bell and other funny kid songs

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cooking up a storm!

I LOVE to cook and haven't really found anything I can't make so far besides frozen Pizza.
This past Tuesday I made a birthday cake for my neighbor's son (He turned 10) which I used box mix for but I am beyond proud of myself for the Spiderman I put on it for the little boy. It looks lopsided in the pic but I had so much fun doing it and he LOVED it.

I was feeling pretty Suzy Homemaker so I knocked out 2 loaves of banana bread too. One with walnuts and one without. I would have pics of them but they were devoured by HB and Peanut before I could!
I used my Grandma T's recipe and they turned out picture perfect.

Here's the recipe:


1 Egg                                                   
                                                      1 c. Sugar                                                                                                    2 c. Flour                                                              
3 Bananas mashed                                   
1 tsp. Vanilla                                           

1 tsp. soda
1/2 c. Chopped Nuts
1/2 c. Maraschino Cherries
1/2 c. Chopped Dates

Mix first 5 ingredients and beat well. Then add Flour, Soda, Nuts, Cherries, and Dates. Makes 1 Large or 2 Small loaves. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 40-50 minutes.
Enjoy :)
Fun Cake :)

Mini Me OY!

There are times where I think my daughter is nothing like me other than looking like me. Then she does a 180 and BAM there I am.
Today is a prime example. She is completely like me in the sense she has to do everything her way and its usually the hard way. If you try to help her she will tell you off and do it her way anyways. This is me to a T. Her father takes advice readily and has the patience of a Saint.

Lately Kai has had a thing about bouncing on all the furniture which is usually not a terrible thing and I know a typical toddler habit.
We live in an apartment with hard wood floors so NO padding.
Kai was sitting on the futon watching Jake and The Neverland Pirates she started bouncing out of excitement.

Me: " Peanut be careful."

Kai: " I'm fine!" (bounce bounce bounce)
Me: "Kai Endellion Stop bouncing right now! You're going to get hurt!"
Kai: (still bouncing) "NO I WON'T!" (Famous Last Words right there)

She no sooner said those last words then went Bounce Bounce Bounce SPLAT!
She face planted right into the floor O.O
Thankfully nothing was broke or bruised so far... AND she has learned that Mommy doesn't say that stuff because its fun or she needs a hobby.

Unfortunately for Kai being accident prone and klutzy runs in the family. I got it from my Dad and he from his Dad. Hopefully her Dad's genes will dilute it some for her lol

Monday, May 20, 2013

Clusterf*ck and a sandbox

Awesome sandbox with the bench lids down to keep out critters

Half open. He's going to add handles as soon as he finds some he likes.

All open with the cute little bencheos so I can sit with her without having to be totally in the sand too
It seems to me that I am always doing cluster posts for this blog. When I mentioned this to HB he told me that its a good thing because it means I don't have my A$$ parked at the computer all day every day. That and it always seems like things happen in clusters around here.
Not that there is anything wrong with that but its hard to do with a 3 year old tornado.
Recently my Dad built Kai a sandbox as an early birthday present. He did an amazing job on.

 He put a tarp underneath it to keep the grass from growing through and for easier moving. Most of our yard is hilly so he found the only flat spot.

On top of that my Mom is still out of state which Kai is mad about.
We had to take her puppy Teddy to the vet. Teddy isn't happy about my mom being gone either.
Tomorrow Kai is going to a birthday party and I'm making the cake for it.
To top it off this weekend is full of cookouts and graduation parties.
Hope everyone has a smashing Holiday weekend :)

Time just keeps on slippin'

Time is amazing sometimes other times it is quite depressing.
This past weekend my youngest cousins graduated from High School and this coming weekend my oldest nephew is graduating from High School.
It is crazy to think that I have a nephew and cousins that are the same age.
Kai will be 4 soon. HB and I will have been together 5 years now.
It doesn't seem like its been that long for any of it.

With the nephews it blows my mind to see them now so grown up. Dating, getting Confirmed, shooting their first deers, graduating. It seems like only yesterday HB and I were 16 sitting on his back deck with the boys running around dressed like Power Rangers.

I'm an only child so I never thought I would have nephews or nieces and now there are 5 of them (4 boys 1 girl).
Three of the boys live not far from us.
They adopted me so readily calling me Aunt Kat before we were even sure we would ever get married.
They are some of the sweetest boys I know. Even though they are all 10 years or more older than Kai they have no problems spending time and playing with her.
I look forward to watching them continue to grow up and change.