Monday, January 13, 2014

Men are funny sometimes.

So with everything being so scattered with Christmas Vacation and HB pulling a ton of extra hours I totally didn't realize that "that time of the month" was due.
I'm lucky that Aunt Flo is always prompt unless I'm pregnant lol

I had like 3 tampons in the whole house and those were in the bottom of my purse!
I got lucky that we had to take Kai to the dentist and we stopped by Walgreen's.
Kai had passed out in the backseat like all little kids do and I REALLY didn't want to wake her up so I caved and asked HB to get me some tampons.
1st time in 5 years that I asked him to get me tampons!
I knew it wouldn't be an issue I just prefer to get my feminine products my self lol
He agreed with no sighs, groans or other noises.
He even asked what kind! Brownie point for him lol
So I told him "Get either Tampax or OB ones. I hate Kotex. I need some Lite, Regular and a small box of Super."
HB "Ok got it. Do you want some chocolate while I'm in there"
"Oh I love you"
"I'll take that as a yes"

He ran in while I talked to my Dad on the phone. He wanted to know how Kai's appointment went.
HB came out a lot faster then I was expecting him though that's normal. The man is a speed shopper.

I noticed he had 3 bags! Full!
He climbed into the Jeep and started the motor.
Me "What all did you buy? I thought we just needed kids Tylenol and tampons."
HB "Well I got you Dew and some peanut butter M&M's. I got the Tylenol, myself some gummie bears and 5 boxes of tampons."
"How many?"
HB started laughing "5"
"Why so many?! I don't go through that many and where am I going to store all those?"
HB "Well I have no problem getting you tampons but I want it to be a long time before I have to do that again. I wanted to make sure you were covered!"

Welp I'm not complaining and I did find room for all of them  since he got half Tampax and half OB. Those OB boxes are little and easy to store. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Best Gift EVAR!

So for my birthday/Christmas HB surprised me with a Kindle Fire.
I was really surprised and a little apprehensive at first because I am a die hard book fan.
I love everything about the written word. I can reread my favorite books 20x's over. They're like wrapping myself up in my favorite blanket and getting lost in the pages.
I love the way books smell and the feel of the crisp pages under my fingers. I adore the soft feel of aged pages that I have read so many times they're memorized.

But I also am enamored with technology lol
So the prospect of a new toy that I could do something new with as well as read on was quite intriguing.

I have to admit the Kindle Fire is BEST freaking gift EVAR!
Omigawd that thing is more addicting then crack!
The amount of free books you can download are intoxicating.
I got it on the 25th and I've already read 16 books!
There are a multitude of cheap books as well .99 to $3.99.
Its a story smorgasbord.
There is every topic I could hope for and then some.

An additional perk is that Netflix works amazing on there as well as Pandora so I can listen to music while I read :::swoon:::

I can't wait for summer time so I can lounge outside and read while Kai plays in her sandbox under the big shade tree.
Its going to be HEAVEN!