Monday, October 14, 2013

Wizard or Demon Hunter? (Diablo 3 PS3)

This will probably be my last Diablo post unless they add something new lol

My Female Wizard is finally level 60 (5). Seemed like that took forever!
We're playing Inferno Master 1 now.
We had a bitch of a time with Hell Mode Master 3.
The bosses were so freaking HARD. We eventually dropped it down to Master 2 because we both kept dying ton. I know we cheaped out lol but I was getting pretty

Right now I have a Female Demon Hunter that is level 36 currently.
I am so torn on which character I like better!
I do NOT like the Witch Doctor at all.
HB is trying the Barbarian and seems to really like it.

I'm pretty stoked right now because I finally leveled up my Black Smith and Jewel Crafter so I'm finally finding plans to craft the higher level items.
Its ridiculous how much some of those jewels up your damage or critical hit damage.
I haven't really tried Blacksmithing anything yet I'm working on having more materials for it.

The other thing that I've noticed is how some of the cave levels seem to move around and the areas change from time to time.
I actually like this though it keeps it more interesting for me.

I'm really hoping we can eventually make it past Master Level 3.
Has anyone made it pass those?

I'm also excited because we just got a new XBox 360 so I can redo Lollipop Chainsaw. I love Juliet lol