Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oh But I like CHEESE!

So I have recently discovered that I am Lactose Intolerant.
It started during my short pregnancy this past summer. I couldn't eat anything with Dairy in it without terrible stomach pains and gas.
Well after the miscarriage things eased off so I just figured it was pregnancy induced and didn't think anymore about it.

My dairy cravings come and go so I can go a month without any cheese or milk and then suddenly its all I want!

Well come October I noticed that my stomach was bothering me quite a bit and that I was super bloated all the time!
I cycled through all the causes I could think of and tried a couple elimination diets (gluten, beef, no broccoli) Nada still bloated and uncomfortable.
While I was happy I made some healthy changes to our diets and I get to eat broccoli again I was still perplexed on what was going on.

Then one night HB ordered Toppers Pizza for dinner with extra cheese.
Omigawd I thought I was going to die!
I only made it through one piece and I had to use the bathroom IMMEDIATELY!
I felt like I was camped in there all night! My behind was kinda sore too lol

HB and I sat down to figure out what I had ate that day that he hadn't that would do that to me.
We came up with zilch!
He had ate everything I had that day and he was fine.
Suddenly the light bulb went on. DING!

So over the next couple days I cut out all dairy products (which was so HARD!)
My stomach stopped hurting, I didn't have anymore gas, and I went down a pant size and a half!
I have discovered the miracle pill Lactaid though.
That thing is AMAZING!
When I can't completely control my dairy craving I can pop one of those beauties and eat some ice cream or have a regular yogurt and I'm golden.

I has been so weird adjusting to this!
Once I had stopped all dairy consumption now even the smallest trace can make me miserable. So I make sure to carry some of those wonder pills in my purse and wallet for just in-case.
I have had some wicked dairy cravings too.
I took a pill and chugged half a pint of chocolate milk yesterday. Savage style lol
We live in the dairy State so I think we're going to buying stock in the Lactaid pills :)

I'm now experimenting with Almond and Coconut Milk as a replacement and working on my recipes that include dairy.

Wish me luck!