Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The week in the life of Kai

SO this week has been fun. We have decided to tackle potty training Kai again. Needless to say she has not been a fan of it. I'm thinking we might have to wait a bit longer since I know being my daughter forcing her isn't going to work at all.

She's having a hard time with Daddy going back to school. She is super jealous of him getting to go. She is being very fatalist about the whole thing. For some reason she thinks since Daddy is going to school before (if she only knew lol) that and I quote "I'm never going to get to go to school" ::insert pouty little girl face::

She's pretty bummed about the weather too. This time last week we were going for walks and there was sunshine.
Mother Nature decided to get on her Menstrual cycle and run WI's ass over. We're due for even more snow tonight (Le sigh)