Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Guess who's baaack... +1!

I am finally back to my poor neglected blog after a loooong ass hiatus.
Our life has been crazy hectic! 

Its been a busy 2 years!
We've added to our clan Kai's little sister Lola-bug, we moved, HB and I both got new jobs and now I'm working on starting my own business!
We finally found all the bits and pieces to our PC since writing a blog from my Kindle was a freaking pain in the ass.
I'm so excited to get this thing rolling again and share the antics of my crazy family!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A New Chapter: Getting Our Rainbow. (exciting news!)

It took us longer then we had expected to the nerve to try again for a sibling for Kai. We focused all our energies on her, school and getting married last year. Once the wedding was over and she was settled into a routine at school we finally had time to think.
We were unsure what to do for quite a while until we had an "accident" and then started counting down to my period.
We both very surprised when I cried and he was bummed when my period showed her icky, messy head.
We sat down and had a long talk about if we were ready and weighed all the pro and cons.
We decided that we were ready to give it another shot (pun intended)
I already tracked my cycle since I can't take hormonal BC and IUD's scare the hell out of me.
Turns out we got it right one our first try!
I then proceeded to turn into a nervous, neurotic mess panicking at every twinge, rushing to the bathroom every time I feel "wet".
I think I spent more time in the bathroom in the beginning of this pregnancy then I did at the end of my pregnancy with Kai.
I chose to continue to see a midwife collective that works out of a local clinic. They don't see patients until around 10 weeks so I had a long wait to drive HB nuts.
The midwives were very understanding and did awesome putting our minds at ease.
They couldn't find the heartbeat with the dopplar at our first app so we got a surprise ultrasound and there it was! Little bean was bouncing around like crazy to where she couldn't even zero in on the heart beat that way.

Kai is so excited and keeps telling me its a sister. She won't even consider it being a boy lol
We go in April to find out the gender and get the anatomy scan done. We can't wait!
We're pretty sure its another girl but I don't care as long as its healthy :) 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

We tied the Knot! (finally)

HB and I finally got married in October after being together for 6.5 years and being engaged for 2 years.
We had to postpone the wedding twice because of very sad circumstances.
First time my closest cousin passed away after a battle with cancer that spread to her kidneys. There was no way I could get married on the same day as her funeral and I wanted to be there for my aunt. Everything else could wait.
HB understood completely and we put things off till the next summer.

Summer came and as they say "When it rains, it pours" 

First HB's grandma was diagnosed with Lymphoma, then my Grandpa was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, then I got pregnant and had a miscarriage at 10 weeks, AND then my Grandpa passed away that September.
I was completely crushed and pretty much lost the will to do anything besides function on a very basic level to care for Kai.
So we decided once again to put the wedding off till the next year when hopefully things were better.
I don't know about anyone else but 2013 freaking sucked donkey balls.

2014 has been a much better year if a little stressful.
I was bound and determined to be a calm, zen bride and not a Bride-zilla.
I let the bridesmaids pick their dresses. Just told them what color to go with and let them go. Same with shoes and hair. I didn't want to do something that they couldn't afford or saddle them with a dress they hated.
We did get tuxes for the groomsmen because none of them seemed to own dress clothes so I made it easy on them lol

We DIY-ed everything. Except the cake and photos.
We did our own music with a program called Wedding DJ on HB's Ipad and used my stereo for the sound system. One of HB's awesome nephews manned that for us during the ceremony and then just hit shuffle for the reception.
I'll do a better review of that later on.

For decorations I carved about 12 pumpkins and had two bridesmaids paint another like 10 pumpkins.
I got 30 pumpkins in trade for a loaf of Apple Bread... Best trade EVAR.
They were placed on the tables along with some autumn leaf garland. Very minimalist but turned out gorgeous with the rustic setting.

We had a friend that was ordained online perform the ceremony for us since neither of us is religious in the slightest.
She did an amazing job using pieces from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Rufus Wainwright, and Bill n Ted's Excellent Adventure.

My Mom and Aunt made the food for the reception.
We had spaghetti with garlic bread and Filipino spring noodles with Lumpia. Strange combination of food but everyone loved it! People are still talking to me about the food and its been a month!

We kept it lo-key and everyone had a great time.
Things we didn't do...
1. Dance. None of us are into that
2. Traditional first Dance, Parents dance, etc.
3. Garter toss. Too cold for that
4. Bouquet toss. Everyone was married or recently dumped. Didn't want to rub salt in that wound.
5. No booze. Best man surprised HB with a beer but that was it. We don't drink so why pay for everyone else to get smashed?

Somethings happened that should have made me freak out but I was able to realize those things didn't really matter in the end.
What mattered was that we got married in front of the people we loved and cared about, and the ones we really wanted there were there to celebrate with us.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Butt Slam FTW! (Borderlands Pre-Sequel PS3)

So HB and I recently got married (Oct 4th) and our wedding present to ourselves was the newest Borderlands Pre-Sequel.

Omg its so much fun!
We're almost halfway done playing through as Wilhelm(HB) and Athena (Me).
I really like Athena though I wish she was a little more like a Siren (Maya).
Athena is the Gladiator class though she's actually an Assassin which originally made me think she'd be more like Zero but nope.
She is great with all guns and her special skill with the Kinetic Aspis is pretty awesome. She can throw it and pegged enemies with it and also absorb damage for a limited time.

Wilhelm is pretty funny and HB seems to like him though his skill trees are a little different.
His special skill of the 2 drones is pretty cool and I like them way better then Gage's Deathbot which always got in the freaking way.

The graphics are amazing and the landscapes are gorgeous.
I love that the characters have more dialogue and comebacks.
Its so weird that Handsome Jack is a good guy in this one though he's just as funny as he was in Borderlands 2.

I love the new addition of Laser types weapons. They are badass!
We're at level 16 now and have only opened 3 of the weapon slots which is a little frustrating considering by this level in #2 you have them all open.
We're working on finding the next quest that should open the final weapons slot.
There are a ton of side missions that seem to be scattered through out the map.
The Oz masks are pretty awesome as well.
I found one that makes it so the O2 canisters actually heal you which is sweeet!
HB found on that adds corrosive damage to your butt slam and then makes it sound like you just ripped a massive poot lmao
Our 5 year old thought that was HILARIOUS!

Our game play will probably be put on hold till Sunday because HB has to work tonight and tomorrow night. 

But so far this game is pretty Epic and funny.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thank Jeebus for the Interwebs.

Wedding planning is a beast even at the best of times.
Right now I feel like I'm herding cats lol

This was literally our last shot at having a somewhat traditional wedding.
If shizz had went south this time as it had in the past we were sooooo going to elope and not tell anyone.

It was crazy how the last 6 months just flew by and here we are with 17 days left. I'm so freaking excited XD

Things went swimmingly till about 2 weeks ago when my future MIL decided to try and make me have a nervous break down by throwing a HUGE tantrum claiming we never told her that we were getting married in October.

Ummmm excuse me? What the Hell? I feel like wedding planning has eaten the last 2 years of my life... How the F*ck did she miss the date?

Thankfully HB was able to take care of everything but in the mean time while everything was hanging in Limbo I lost some crucial time and didn't get our invitations out.

Thank Gawd for a site called PunchBowl. 
They have E-Vites that you can send for just about EVERY occasion and they help you keep track of RSVPS, and the slackers who take forever to reply.
PLUS they have options for you to add Polls to your invites like... Types of Cocktails, Potluck, music, and custom ones.
You can also schedule when to mail a reminder to the people you haven't heard from yet and it keeps everyone's email addies on file for you.
There are also cool options like letting your guests forward the invites to others and you can make it a recurring event if you want to join Punchbowl's Premium membership.
There is also a option to add a map so your peeps don't get lost heading to your soiree, add another host, keep track of how many adults and munchkins, and add a gift card option.
You can add a link to your Registry too!
I didn't join and you don't really miss out on anything is you don't.

This site is saving my caboose right now.
I love all the designs and color options that are available for free as well.
PLUS YAY paperless invites!!

*I am not getting anything from promoting this site. They have no idea I did this or even who I am. I just really loved how it saved my arse. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tech Savvy Munchkins

We are a very tech friendly household. 
We have more gadgets then you can shake a stick at lol 

I try to keep us at least half way unplugged most of the time but especially when Kai is home. 
I am a texting Queen so that is hard even for myself. 

At Kai's kindergarten Orientation a couple weeks ago I was really surprised that the kids were going to be doing computer things at least once a week and that the library there has a couple IPads for the kids to use.
So I've had to change my game plan a little since we don't let Kai use the PC at all and its a treat for her to use the IPad to watch PBS kids.

Through all this I thought I'd share some of the awesome FREE apps that I've discovered on my Kindle Fire HDX and we discovered that they offer most of them for the IPad too.
(I checked and these apps are offered on both Android and Iphone/Apple devices.)

1. PBS Kids Video App.~ They have both full and segments of all the PBS kids programs plus a couple that are online only cartoons like Kai's favorite Plum Landing. Its all about a little Plum shaped Alien and focuses on science.

2. Reading Rainbow: Read Along App. ~ The download is free for my Kindle and comes with 5 books that you can download for free without subscribing. If you subscribe you can get unlimited. We're still testing this one out so we haven't subscribed yet.
I loved Reading Rainbow when I was little so I jumped on this one.
(I'll post more after we're done checking it out)

3. PBS Parents. Play & Learn App~ I'm still testing this one too but its free and you can play along with your LO's checking out stuff.

4. Pocket Penguins App~ Another Free one that connects to Web cams in the live African Penguin exhibit at the California Academy of Science.
The other day I turned the App on just in time for Kai to hear a lecture they were giving to a bunch of grade school kids about the penguins eating habits, breeding, habitat and social lives.
Kai thought it was really cool.
They also answer questions during the Penguins meal times at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm PST.
(this is our favorite app lol)

Well there is 4. I'm sure as the summer goes on I will make more of these posts to share what I find 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I officially hate Barbie and I learned an important lesson

Barbie has officially been banned from our house until further notice.
Mainly the cartoon and movies but right now I could care less if Kai ever plays with the dolls either.

The other day as a reward for good behavior and since it was shitty weather Kai got to watch Netflix on the IPad once chores were over.
She knows what shows are ok and what shows are not.
She was watching Super Why and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Then she discovered Barbie Life in the Dream House and Bratz.
I figured it couldn't hurt to let her watch a couple episodes since they were pretty short and I noticed a lot of her classmates with Bratz dolls.
(I hate the dolls but I thought maybe the cartoon wouldn't be too bad)

OMG I was wrong!!! She watched maybe 3 episodes and then she turned it off so that I could charge the IPad.
She immediately became obsessed looking at her reflection and flipping her hair.
Then she started looking at her tummy. (She has the CUTEST little pudgy tummy.)
She turns to me and asks me "Mommy am I fat?"
Wth? O.o
I sat her down and immediately told her that she wasn't. That she was perfect the way she is.
I thought I had nipped that talk in the butt until the next morning when we were getting dressed for school.
She wanted to change her clothes like 6 times because her Tinker Bell shirt and jeans weren't "Cute enough"
I was like "what is up with this? THIS is your favorite shirt!"
She comes out with "Well Barbie says jeans are so last year"
Excuse me?

I swear it took me a week to get her back to normal.
I cringed every time I heard "Well Barbie..." or "Yasmin..." (a bratz)

Looking back that whole thing did teach me one big thing.
I used to complain about my weight though I tried not to in front of Kai.
Listening to a 4 year old worry about her tummy made me realize that I needed to be a better role model for Kai and start loving myself how I am instead of complaining about what I don't like.
Kai is finally back to where she is happy and doesn't worry about things no 4 year old should.
It was so bizarre listening to a little girl worrying about being fat.

 Now she's back to herself :)