Monday, February 10, 2014

Apparently "Wedding" is a dirty word!

So we're getting married this October.
I've been working on planning this wedding for 2 years.
We have everything covered EXCEPT for DJ and I'm still working on the food.

It is absolutely ridiculous how much those 2 things cost.
Sweet baby jeebus its like you mention "Wedding" and the price doubles.
The next time I have to talk to caterer I'm just going to say "Huge Party"

It blows my mind when I hear how much people have spent on their weddings. I know people that have even taken out a loan to afford the wedding of their "Dreams" and there wasn't a whole lot to it lol
I refuse for us to go into debt just to get married.

My other issue at the moment is that I absolutely HATE my dress. I bought it over a year ago before we had to postpone our wedding for the 2nd time when my Grandpa's brain cancer came back.
I have looked at it almost everyday for the last year and I detest it.
I can't believe we spent money on it.
I'm getting ready to post it on Ebay for sale and then I can put the money from that towards a different dress. 

I'm trying to keep it a stress free, fun wedding but this shit is getting on my nerves.

UGH Why does it have to be so HARD!