Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nap Time Battle Royale

Holy rampaging Tantrums Batman!

This last 2 weeks nap time has become a lesson in toddler warfare and Mommy battle tactics.
At first we just figured this was the end of nap time No Biggie, Right?
Jeebus were we wrong!! O.o
Nap time is crucial for 3 year olds and their Mommies!
She needs it for her attitude and to be better focused.
I need it for piece of mind and some down time to clean between storms.
Daddy needs it so Mommy doesn't lose her sh*t mid-week and sit in the middle of the living room and cry/laugh hysterically.

We've gotten better at and I'm learning which days/battles I can tackle alone. Even her pediatrician gave me the advice of "some days the battles aren't worth it. YOU have to learn which ones are worth tackling" He's a very wise man. He's been a Pediatrician for over 20 years. I think I'll listen to him.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jeebus 3 going on 13

Holy cow the last couple days Kai has reached new undiscovered levels of being a little d-bag.
We have now reached the tantrum phase that I had prayed so hard we'd miss.
It's insane how much you can love a tiny human and yet at the same time you want to sell them to Gypsies or stuff them in a crack somewhere.

There is a comedian named Donald Glover that hits the nail on the head about kids.

Kai is a toddler going on a teen. When she gets mad she stomps her foot and yells "Fine!" at me. Then runs to her dad and tells HB that "Mommy is mean to me! Spank her!"
Its all I can do to not laugh out loud. I am learning that it is much easier to just laugh than get mad about things you can't control.
Little kids are like tiny Bi-polar tornadoes.