Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Holy hormones... Good Bye BC (Adventures in Family Planning)

This would save us a lot of headaches. We should be funding this!

Waaay back in the day BK (before Kai) I was on the Depo shot for 4 years. I gained a bunch of weight but I dealt with it.
Well then my engagement ended and I swore off men so I went off of it.
2 years later when I decided to start dating again @ age 20 I wanted to be safe and double covered so I got on the Nuva Ring for BC.
I had no problems with it and it worked great.

Then I met HB and we decided to have a baby. Good Bye Nuva Ring! 1 month later BAM we were pregnant.
Since I got pregnant so fast I wanted to get back on BC as soon as I could after Kai was born.
The midwives said my only options were an IUD or The Shot. I was/still am terrified of an IUD so I opted for the shot since I had experience with it.
BOY was I wrong! I had no clue that having a baby could change how you reacted things.
The Shot turned me into a complete basket case. I couldn't control my emotions, I had violent mood swings and crying jags. Plus I gained 20 lbs in 2 months even though I had no appetite and was breast feeding.
HB sat me down and told me we HAD to figure out something else because I was acting INSANE.
We decided that maybe I should give my body a break and go off all BC.

So I did just that and I felt GREAT. It was amazing the change. I went to our local Planned Parenthood and got a diaphragm to try.
Boy was that awkward. The Dr there had only trained on them but had never actually fitted someone for one lmao.
It is a very interesting method of BC which works ok though it feels weird walking around with it in.
So we did used that and paired it with NFP where I track my cycles and temps.
I'm still super fertile though since it was only one slip up that got me pregnant last summer.

When I went in for my physical I decided that maybe I should try The Ring again just till the wedding.
Omigawd was that a mistake. I made it 2 weeks with the BC in before I was ready to take it out and set it on fire.
I was a raving bitch. My temper control was non existent and everything set me off.
2 days after taking the Ring out I was back to normal almost.
I did a bunch of reading on the Nuva Ring and discovered that what happened with me is listed at the very bottom under the heading Rare Side Effects.

Anyone else go through this at all? I'm just going back to NFP and am swearing off hormonal BC
What methods have worked for you?