Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boom! Headshot!!!


 So I know I mentioned before that I am a Gaming Momma. I have been since my parents bought me the first Nintendo with Super Mario Bros for my birthday when I was 6.
I don't care for online gaming mainly because I don't have the time for it. I prefer Platforming or free range games.
I'm not a "Gamer Girl" ahem I'm a Girl Gamer.

I had no idea that I'm considered "rare" lol I've actually been called that!
My handful of friends played video games when we were in HS so I never thought about it.

Something that really irritates me both on FB and in other online forums is all these women bitching about their SO's gaming too much.
I am perfectly ok with HB gaming because at least I know where he is and he is never too busy  to push the "pause" button and help me with dinner or Kai.
More than once I have suggested to the women that are complaining that maybe they should try gaming with their SOs. Amazingly it has helped quite a few people I know.
Gaming together is  one of the things HB and I love to do together. Its a cheap (if you already own the game or rent it) easy, fun way to spend time together.
Sometimes one of our date nights is Kai going to my Dad's for a couple hours, we order a pizza and we shoot stuff together :)

I freaking LOVE GameStop! They have saved us so much money.
In case no one knows this you can trade in old games toward new ones so you don't have to pay full price for them PLUS if you join you get discounts on a bunch of stuff like being able to reserve games before everyone else and getting a discounted subscription to Game Informer magazine!

Any ways lol Right now we are checking out the latest DLC (downloadable content) for Borderlands 2.
OMG am I hooked on this game!
I have created 2 characters that rock Zero the Assassin and Maya the Siren. Holy fudge do they kick A$$. Maya is my favorite. I love her "Phase Lock" special move.
HB really like Axton the Commando and Gage the Mechomancer.

What games does everyone out there enjoy?
Any other gamer Mom's?

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