Sunday, December 17, 2017

Putting what on your baby's butt?

Lola has been successfully cloth diapered for over 2 years now. Which is impressive since everyone thought we'd make it like 2 weeks tops.
She's in mostly pocked diapers now with the occasional disposable at night or for long car trips.
However when she was 6 months and under I used covers and flour sack towels almost exclusively. Now the flour sack towels go in her Kawaii diapers wrapped around a hemp insert.
Its the one thing I rarely hear about people using on their cloth babies even though its literally one of the cheapest options for when they are not so wiggly. I've read about people using them past 6 months and adding a insert to the fold for more absorption but I never did that.
The Flour sack towels were easy to wash, dried quickly even on the clothes line and they are HELLA CHEAP! You can get a 5 pack of them for just a couple dollars.
There a ton of folds that you can do with them and I fastened mine with a Snappi since trying to use diaper pins makes me a nervous wreck.
You can find a TON of tutorials on Pinterest (my guilty pleasure) that are so easy and then you just put a cloth diaper cover over it. And covers are a lot cheaper than even a pocket diaper.
They are so trim and cute it amazes me that more parent's don't cloth diaper.