Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A New Chapter: Getting Our Rainbow. (exciting news!)

It took us longer then we had expected to the nerve to try again for a sibling for Kai. We focused all our energies on her, school and getting married last year. Once the wedding was over and she was settled into a routine at school we finally had time to think.
We were unsure what to do for quite a while until we had an "accident" and then started counting down to my period.
We both very surprised when I cried and he was bummed when my period showed her icky, messy head.
We sat down and had a long talk about if we were ready and weighed all the pro and cons.
We decided that we were ready to give it another shot (pun intended)
I already tracked my cycle since I can't take hormonal BC and IUD's scare the hell out of me.
Turns out we got it right one our first try!
I then proceeded to turn into a nervous, neurotic mess panicking at every twinge, rushing to the bathroom every time I feel "wet".
I think I spent more time in the bathroom in the beginning of this pregnancy then I did at the end of my pregnancy with Kai.
I chose to continue to see a midwife collective that works out of a local clinic. They don't see patients until around 10 weeks so I had a long wait to drive HB nuts.
The midwives were very understanding and did awesome putting our minds at ease.
They couldn't find the heartbeat with the dopplar at our first app so we got a surprise ultrasound and there it was! Little bean was bouncing around like crazy to where she couldn't even zero in on the heart beat that way.

Kai is so excited and keeps telling me its a sister. She won't even consider it being a boy lol
We go in April to find out the gender and get the anatomy scan done. We can't wait!
We're pretty sure its another girl but I don't care as long as its healthy :)