Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Holy Hell of a Day

Saturday was a hell of a day. 
To start it off I over slept and was rushing to get ready to go help my Dad and Uncle clean out my Grandparents house so that it can be sold later next year.

I take a moment to check my Facebook feed just for the hell of it.
I see one of HB's cousin's asking for prayers for another cousin that is also HB's best friend (Robbie) from birth.

I immediately message that cousin and the older brother of the other cousin to find out what happened.

Found out Robbie was in a bar fight and the guys cheap shot him to the back of the head! When he went down something happened and his heart stopped!
Thank God a girl I'm friends with was there and she's a trained EMT. She did CPR and saved him.
He was in a coma for half a day and they really weren't sure he was going to make it.
I had to call HB at work to tell him what happened!
I still went to my Grandpa's house to help clean because I knew there was nothing I could do.
I prayed the entire time I was cleaning and was constantly checking my phone for news.
He finally woke up at 1 and has improved every day.
He was discharged yesterday afternoon to go to his Dads.
I was so scared we were going to lose him.
I had no idea what HB would have done if Robbie had died.
Robbie has been there for him through everything. Through his Dad dying, his brother's suicide and through their cousin that was like a brother passing away.

I spent half the day worrying about the possibility of losing a great person from our lives and the other half going through 60 years of memories cleaning out my Grandparents house. 
I was completely torn between the past and the present; and they were both painful for a while. 

The person started improving and has continued to get better.
And I was able to sift through the memories laughing rather then grieving for what has been lost.
Going through all the things in my Grandparents house was so crazy because I was literally watching the chapters of the 26 years of my life come to a close with them both gone now.
I can only imagine how hard it was for my Dad and Uncle who were there too.

Saturday screamed something I already believed that life is too short. Whether it is 26 years or 88 years.
The one thing that matters is all the memories you can create in whatever amount of time you have.