Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Puttin a Ring on it :)

Amongst all the craziness of life thats been happening to us lately I have also been trying to plan a wedding for 2 years!

We've been engaged since October 31st 2011. We originally planned on getting married the following year on October 20th.
We ended up having to postpone the wedding due to my closest cousin passing away from cancer. I just couldn't stand to get married near such a sad date. I wanted to be there for my family more.
Then we were suppose to get married this past July 6th but decided to postpone it due to my Grandpa having brain cancer, HB's Grandma (ny) having lymphoma and my Great Aunt (KY) having stage 3 breast cancer. All of of our out of state family both in NY and KY couldn't make it due to helping the out Grandma and Aunt. Which we understood and decided to wait until everyone can make it.

So its been hectic trying to plan a wedding around here lol
I'm so excited though because we are finally making progress!!!
We are finally getting married next October 4th :D

We have the venue booked, all the wedding party picked out and informed.
I am very anal and a touch OCD so I have written our entire ceremony and designed the RSVPs, invitations, programs, guest mad lib cards and our thank you cards.
I'm also going to be DIYing the wedding favors, possible the wedding party gifts too! Good thing we have a long winter up here lol
I have been going nuts over this great site that has loads of ideas called Offbeat Bride. I've also been going crazy finding amazing ideas on Pinterest.
I am a Pinterest addict!!
HB has limited me to trying one new recipe from there a week and I have to have a back up idea in case it doesn't turn out lol 

This is the super cute pic for our Thank You's

I can't wait to share all my projects as we get closer to the big day!!