Saturday, September 7, 2013

Can we go thift shopping?

So I freaking LOVE thrift shopping either in actual Thrift shops or thrift saleing.
I am frugal by nature can't help it but having a small fast growing child has amplified it by 100.

Seems like she is outgrowing her clothes and shoes every-time I turn around. She has thankfully slowed down a little. When she was new she went right into 0-3 months and was in something new every 2 months!
Not everything we get her comes from thrift sales and shop but it helps fill out her wardrobe especially play clothes. Don't want her outside destroying nice school clothes when we can cheaply get her some decent play clothes
Kids grow so fast at this age that most of the clothes that are donated have minimal wear to them.
When kids get older they slow down a little and the stuff gets more worn then we'll strictly be buying play clothes.

I also love thrift clothes for myself. I am a Stay at Home Mom. I don't need brand new clothes to sit around the house in.
Dress clothes (funeral clothes lately) Those we bought new but otherwise its not necessary especially when we have one income.
I get giddy when I find something cute for cheap with the original tags still on them :D

I used to work in the sorting department at a local thrift shop and the stuff people donate falls into 2 categories for kids stuff  

1. Great all around
2. Fucking atrocious should have been thrown out

I think its terrible what some people donate. They treat donations like garbage drop off just because they want the tax right off.
Some people can't afford to shop at the mall but they also don't deserve others garbage when they might be using the clothes to better their lives. Its not going to happen when the clothes they can afford are shit with stains, tears or ripped up. No one wants that.
If you're decent enough to consider donating make sure you donate something decent.

Kai loves this song! I love the message he sends