Friday, September 6, 2013

Sex-dar Oy

Before we had Kai I thought my friends that already had kids were exaggerating about how having kids made having a sex life harder.
I thought they meant like with the sleep deprivation or laundry or something little.

OMG I had no idea that they meant Sex radar!!
Sweet Jesus Christ on a Cracker since Kai was hatched she seems to know the exact minute we're planning on getting frisky.
From the beginning she slept for 4 hours a pop but let us try to hook up and she'd wake up (she wasn't in the same room)

We started to feel like we were teenagers again lol
Then it started to get irritating to say the least. It felt like we weren't ever going to have sex again or even anything close to sex.
There for a little while I thought we were going to spontaneously combust if we ever got to more than kiss.

We finally ended up having sex in the basement while we did laundry! (she was with my Mother)
Took us 5 months to come up with that one because we were worried about our neighbors catching us.
Once she was a little older it got easier to find "us" time.
Thankfully she is a creature of habit and schedule so for a while we were actually planning our sex life which kinda took the fun out of it but it worked for then since HB worked 3rd shift.

Now that she's 4 it seems like her Sex-dar is super human.
The other day she went to my mom's house down the street to make cookies with Grandma so we decided to seize the moment and tie the true lovers knot.
We were in mid coitus and my phone rings! I chose to ignore it figuring I'd call back as soon as we finished. 5 seconds later HB's phone rings!
So we stop and he answers thinking something bad has happened...
NOPE just Kai wanting to know what we're doing and wanting us to come to Grandma's for fresh cookies O.o

HB calls her our "Chaos Factor" like a roll of the dice you never know what base we'll get to!

We know sex isn't everything but it is an important part of any relationship and I feel its important to have some sort of intimacy after having a baby. Especially when you're feeling unattractive, stretched out, and your lady bits or abdomen have been traumatized. Its not even just sex but touching and intimacy that is necessary.
I read so many women looking for help because their SO's have withdrawn, seem disinterested, or are even nervous around them. I think a goodly part of it is from the loss of intimacy.
One day I'll have HB share his take on it.

Does anyone have any fun stories like this to share? We can't be alone lol