Friday, May 24, 2013

Mini Me OY!

There are times where I think my daughter is nothing like me other than looking like me. Then she does a 180 and BAM there I am.
Today is a prime example. She is completely like me in the sense she has to do everything her way and its usually the hard way. If you try to help her she will tell you off and do it her way anyways. This is me to a T. Her father takes advice readily and has the patience of a Saint.

Lately Kai has had a thing about bouncing on all the furniture which is usually not a terrible thing and I know a typical toddler habit.
We live in an apartment with hard wood floors so NO padding.
Kai was sitting on the futon watching Jake and The Neverland Pirates she started bouncing out of excitement.

Me: " Peanut be careful."

Kai: " I'm fine!" (bounce bounce bounce)
Me: "Kai Endellion Stop bouncing right now! You're going to get hurt!"
Kai: (still bouncing) "NO I WON'T!" (Famous Last Words right there)

She no sooner said those last words then went Bounce Bounce Bounce SPLAT!
She face planted right into the floor O.O
Thankfully nothing was broke or bruised so far... AND she has learned that Mommy doesn't say that stuff because its fun or she needs a hobby.

Unfortunately for Kai being accident prone and klutzy runs in the family. I got it from my Dad and he from his Dad. Hopefully her Dad's genes will dilute it some for her lol