Monday, May 20, 2013

Time just keeps on slippin'

Time is amazing sometimes other times it is quite depressing.
This past weekend my youngest cousins graduated from High School and this coming weekend my oldest nephew is graduating from High School.
It is crazy to think that I have a nephew and cousins that are the same age.
Kai will be 4 soon. HB and I will have been together 5 years now.
It doesn't seem like its been that long for any of it.

With the nephews it blows my mind to see them now so grown up. Dating, getting Confirmed, shooting their first deers, graduating. It seems like only yesterday HB and I were 16 sitting on his back deck with the boys running around dressed like Power Rangers.

I'm an only child so I never thought I would have nephews or nieces and now there are 5 of them (4 boys 1 girl).
Three of the boys live not far from us.
They adopted me so readily calling me Aunt Kat before we were even sure we would ever get married.
They are some of the sweetest boys I know. Even though they are all 10 years or more older than Kai they have no problems spending time and playing with her.
I look forward to watching them continue to grow up and change.