Saturday, November 16, 2013

Someone has trust issues

I have seen quite a few joint FB accounts jumping up all over my news feed lately.
Now I wouldn't think this was too odd except a few days earlier the couple had separate accounts.

Some people say they're doing it as part of a fad while others say they are doing it because they "trust" each other completely.

Well I call Shenanigans on that malarkey.

When couples suddenly do that it practically screams to me that one of them doesn't trust the other.
It makes me wonder what they're hoping to accomplish by joining accounts.
I mean honestly what is stopping one of them from opening another FB account and hiding it or just starting a dating site account.
I seriously think that making a joint account will just cause more trust issues rather then repair anything.

I also think it is a sign of extreme insecurity and clingy-ness.
If you don't have trust in your relationship what do you have?

HB has all the info to access my accounts and I have the info to access his stuff. We hardly ever use it. It usually gets used when asked lol

 The few occasions joint accounts makes sense to me is when like my cousin was deployed overseas he and his wife made a joint account for family members since she would be able to answer questions faster then he would.

Oh well to each their own.