Saturday, November 16, 2013

The lost art of Excuse Me and getting schooled by a 4 year old.

I don't care how bad of a day you're having there is no excuse to be rude.
The day after we found out that our baby had passed away I started crying in the middle of the grocery store and I apologized to the girl checking us out before I ran to the truck.

Today I went to the Grocery store with my Mom to get the last things we needed for Thanksgiving and HB's birthday dinner. (His birthday is Tuesday)
I should have stayed home! The store was a mad house because some how we missed that they were having some sort of Holiday/Festive Snack sample shenanigans O.O
There were people EVERYWHERE!

Kai almost got squished a couple times and I was rammed into a few times by impatient little blue haired old ladies.
I do not understand how Holiday dinner shopping translates into "Try to ram me with your shopping cart just because I'm in front of a display you want to look at for 5 minutes without grabbing anything"

When we were about 3/4's done with our shopping I ended up picking Kai up and setting her on the handle bars/front of the basket of the cart. 
I hooked my fingers through her belt loops to make sure she didn't slip anywhere. She snuggled her head into my shoulder/chest and just leaned into me. Quite a few older ladies saw her and said "Awwww. That's so sweet! Is she sleeping?"
To which Kai would popped up and said "Nope not sleeping! Just snuggling my Momma"
Which made the ladies "Awwww" some more. 

I needed cake mix for HB's birthday cake and when I got to that aisle there were a group of older ladies blocking the entire aisle! I assume they were about my Mom's age (late 50's)
I said "Excuse me" at least 5 times and they continually ignored me even though I got louder each time I said it. 
Apparently Kai thought I needed her help in this matter. So she came to my "rescue".
She went up the women (she is at butt height lol) right next to their big behinds and said loudly "My Mommy said Excuse Me! That means you're in her way!"


They looked down at Kai, turned bright red, told me they were sorry and promptly left. 

For a second I was torn between being embarrassed or proud of her. 
I chose to be proud of her. 

I have learned today that having manners and using them are a dying art form. I really hope that Kai's generation can bring it back.