Monday, October 21, 2013

He's not there anymore.

Kai has been asking to go see my Grandfather. Her Great Grandfather.
She doesn't seem to understand or realize that he's not here anymore.
This is going to be our first Halloween without him.
It was always one of our favorite times of the year ever since I was little.
No matter where we lived; on Halloween we would make the trip to Cadott to see  my Grandparents.
Grandpa and I would go through Grandma's candy bowl.

Now he's not there anymore.
The house is locked up and empty, grass has grown over his grave next to grandma now and I'm left alone.
My Grandpa was like my Dad when my real Dad was gone.
He was always there for me, always listening.
It feels so wrong for him to not be here anymore.

It feels so strange to be this sad during my favorite time of year :/

How do I help Kai understand?

Here is the blog post about him passing away in September...letting go of great grandpa