Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Letting Go.

At 4:30 this morning my Grandfather was finally reunited with my Grandma after a long battle with brain cancer.
In all honesty I am relieved that he is no longer suffering and isn't trapped in his body anymore.
When we saw him Labor day week he wasn't my Grandpa anymore. It was his body but he wasn't really there.
He had gone completely blind in one eye and was losing it in the other eye as well. He had lost most of the ability to talk plus he was mostly deaf. He also had to start using a walker which I know irked him to no end.
He didn't seem to recongize me, Kai or HB. Later I heard from cousin that he didn't recongize him the day before either. He couldn't enjoy the most basic things in life at that point. He couldn't watch tv (he loved the Packers), he couldn't read (history books) or even speak to his girl friend on the phone.

My Grandfather was always a hard worker and fiercly independent.
He was one of the few living WWII vets in WI.
He enjoyed bowling, Golfing, throwing horseshoes and doing work with the VFW.
He would actually walk the golf course all 18 holes while his clubs rode in the cart with his friends!
He was a rough yet sweet man that loved to watch cartoons with me and always shared his Werther Originals with me :)

I am honored to say that I am his granddaughter and that I couldn't be prouder of the man he was.

Cancer is such a terrible thing. It seems if the actual diseases doesn't claim you difficulties from the procedures to treat it will.

This cancer seems to have touched more lives then I can remember.
Next spring I am going to start participating in some of the local runs to help fund research.
If our generation doesn't do something things will not change for our children either.