Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oh Thank God!

Today we went to Kai's very first Parent/Teacher conference.
I couldn't believe how nervous I was!

I absolutely HATED Conferences when I was a child.
Sometimes I would go with once I was older and it was so uncomfortable being dissected by the teacher.
It seemed like every time I didn't go the Teacher would say something to get me in a ton of trouble or make my parent's disappointed in me.

I almost stayed home because I was so nervous about going. Its not that Kai is a bad kid or anything because she's not. She's polite, friendly, caring and generally sweet but I couldn't help the nerves.

Turns out I had nothing to be worried about at all!
Kai is doing amazing and isn't having any problems. For her age she's actually pretty advanced.
Found out she's actually one of the youngest in her class.
She listens great, follows directions with no issues and makes friends easily.
She has even surprised her teacher with what she knows already.

I am such a proud Momma!
Half the time I'm worrying I'm screwing up some how.
I'm so relieved right now.