Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rescue Puppies (Teddy's story)

Teddy waiting for Kai to come home :)
He is half Chihuahua and half Pekingese 

Kai's best friend in the whole world besides Mommy and Daddy is Teddy. He is a itty bitty 12 lb ball of fur :)

We had originally got Teddy for my Mom because her therapist said she needed a new companion (HB says Yeah like Dr Who! lol)
Well my Mom is allergic to cats so that was out and I don't think a bird would do too well.
So we started looking. We checked Craigslist (total fail), we looked in the news paper and we tried some of those Pet Finder websites.
We knew right off we didn't want to go through a breeder because there are plenty of animals in the Humane Society that need homes and love.

We checked our local Humane Society but they only had large dogs and we were hoping to find more of a lap dog.

One night 3 days before Christmas I came across this little guy for free on a local for sale page on Facebook.
I started emailing the guy to get more info.
He was looking to rehome Teddy because he had been abandoned at his friends house and being mistreated by the kids.

We set everything up for the next evening and just told my Mom that we were taking her somewhere for a surprise.
We met them in a McDonald's parking lot. On the way there my Mom must have tried a hundred different tactics trying to find out what we were up to lol
The minute Teddy spotted my Mom he went to her and wanted to be picked up.
I knew the minute she picked him up she was hooked.
That was nothing compared to when he met Kai. He started licking all over her face and cuddling her.

The poor little guy was only a year old and so skinny.
The guy we got him from explained how he was never home and Teddy came from Texas. He was left at their house by his brother-in-law that didn't like or want Teddy.
The man's wife ran a daycare and the kids were really mean to Teddy.

After we got Teddy home we found out that he had scabs all over under his fur and that he had lumps on his sternum, ribs and back legs. Found out they were scar tissue from him being extremely mistreated. He weighed maybe 7 lbs when we got him.

I just took him to the vet and he's up to 12 lbs and fit as a fiddle.

I know many people say this but if your going to get a pet please check your local Humane Society first before you contact a breeder.
Teddy is the sweetest little dog I've ever met and it breaks my heart to think of him being mistreated