Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So many to pick from!

I actually had to give this one some serious thought lol
I had never had to narrow down my favorites to just 5!
I think I about drove HB nuts with my bouncing ideas and characters off him for a day while I contemplated. I know its not important but I've been gaming since I was 6 so there were a lot of characters for me to page through.

Here is my list of fav characters...

1. Spyro the Dragon. And I don't mean the new Spyro from the Skylanders games. I mean the Spyro from the very first PS1 game. I was hooked the instant I played a demo of it.
I also love Sparx the Dragonfly. Especially in Year of the Dragon with the little side quests where you get to fly around as Sparx.
I still have my PS1 and all 3 games for it so that I can introduce my daughter to them when she's a little older. :)
I also have some of the ones they released for the PS2 also. I really wish they would release a collection of the for the PS3.

2. Taki from Soul Caliber.
I first discovered Taki when I played Soul Edge in the arcade in our local Mall when I was young.
 I cycled through all the characters but with Taki I could kick everyone's ass.
I loved her spin moves and her sweet daggers Rekki Maru and Mekki Maru.
I really missed her in the latest Soul Caliber V. I hope they bring her back as a playable character in the next game.

3. Luigi from the Mario Bros.
I always ended up playing Luigi growing up because I played Super Mario Bros with my Mom or older cousins.
I always thought Luigi was under appreciated and then when I was a tween I watched the Mario Bros Movie.
I developed a huge crush on the young John Leguizamo who played Luigi lol

4. Crash Bandicoot. Once again he was one of my first loves with Platforming gaming. Being a only child I preferred the single player games since I generally didn't have anyone to play with.
I loved the graphics and scenery on the games for PS1 and he quirky, funny character was great to play.
I thought the Tiki Mask was awesome too.

5. Mya from Borderlands 2.
Omg I freaking love this character. I have played through as the others and none compare to her. The closest is Zero but I still love Mya better.
She is a kick ass siren that wants to know where she came from.
I love her Phase Lock move and that she's so versatile. 

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