Monday, January 13, 2014

Men are funny sometimes.

So with everything being so scattered with Christmas Vacation and HB pulling a ton of extra hours I totally didn't realize that "that time of the month" was due.
I'm lucky that Aunt Flo is always prompt unless I'm pregnant lol

I had like 3 tampons in the whole house and those were in the bottom of my purse!
I got lucky that we had to take Kai to the dentist and we stopped by Walgreen's.
Kai had passed out in the backseat like all little kids do and I REALLY didn't want to wake her up so I caved and asked HB to get me some tampons.
1st time in 5 years that I asked him to get me tampons!
I knew it wouldn't be an issue I just prefer to get my feminine products my self lol
He agreed with no sighs, groans or other noises.
He even asked what kind! Brownie point for him lol
So I told him "Get either Tampax or OB ones. I hate Kotex. I need some Lite, Regular and a small box of Super."
HB "Ok got it. Do you want some chocolate while I'm in there"
"Oh I love you"
"I'll take that as a yes"

He ran in while I talked to my Dad on the phone. He wanted to know how Kai's appointment went.
HB came out a lot faster then I was expecting him though that's normal. The man is a speed shopper.

I noticed he had 3 bags! Full!
He climbed into the Jeep and started the motor.
Me "What all did you buy? I thought we just needed kids Tylenol and tampons."
HB "Well I got you Dew and some peanut butter M&M's. I got the Tylenol, myself some gummie bears and 5 boxes of tampons."
"How many?"
HB started laughing "5"
"Why so many?! I don't go through that many and where am I going to store all those?"
HB "Well I have no problem getting you tampons but I want it to be a long time before I have to do that again. I wanted to make sure you were covered!"

Welp I'm not complaining and I did find room for all of them  since he got half Tampax and half OB. Those OB boxes are little and easy to store.