Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fantastic! (Frozen Review)

Last week we decided to let Kai play hookie for a day. (She's in 4k for 3 hours so she didn't miss much)
Things had been kinda hectic around our house for the last month and a half.
Kai had been sick plus the holidays PLUS HB picking up a butt load of extra hours between the 3 holidays and on top of that everyone getting back in the swing of going back to school.

So we decided to take a Family day.
We packed up and went out to lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant (yum sushi!) then we grabbed some frozen yogurt (LOVE Orange Leaf) then it was off to the movie theater to catch an early showing of Frozen :)

I had been DYING to see this movie since it came out in December but we could never find the time for all of us to make it and I didn't want to go without HB because he wanted to see it too.
Once I read that it was based off the story The Snow Queen
Plus Kai has a hard time sitting still in the theater so we wanted to wait a bit so hopefully the theater wouldn't be so packed.

We got there on time. No lines, YAY!
Got all hooked up with Power-ade for Kai and Mello Yello for us and a LARGE popcorn to share.
We let Kai pick where we sat so we ended up 4 rows from the screen lol

She started vibrating with excitement as soon as the opening credits rolled and the Disney castle came up on the huge screen. I was right there with her. I absolutely ADORE Disney Movies especially princess movies. I've been hooked since I saw Sleeping Beauty for the first time.

Oh my Gawd was the movie AMAZING. Even HB loved it. His favorite characters are Olaf the adorable snow man and Elsa.
I think my favorite character was Anna or Kristoff.
We both loved the fact that the whole movie wasn't about them finding a man to fix everything and that the act of true love that save Anna was when she protected Elsa from Hans.

All in all this movie is amazing and I can't wait to see it again!