Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cuddles and Blow Guns

There are some days when I want to just cuddle the bejeezus out of Kai and then there are other days when I want to take HB's blow gun and tranq her little butt. Go tribal on her tushy lol

Since she started school she's been going through some serious attitude issues.
Thankfully we found that its only at home that she's giving attitude at.
According to her teacher when she's at school she's a perfect angel.

At home she's mouthy, rude, and flat out refuses to listen. Whats worse is that she's began to whine and throw tantrums which she had never done before.
When she does that she loses privileges such as her leap pad, movies, TV and getting to go anywhere.
Its like a vicious cycle!

Its been a week and a half of this craziness!

I'm really hoping its just her adjusting to the stress of the schedule change and such.