Wednesday, September 25, 2013

That wasn't too hard... Lets jump 2 levels... HOLY shit NO (Diablo 3 PS3)

So HB and I just beat Diablo 3 for the first time. We were both playing as Female Wizards (that was confusing for a bit) and we played at difficulty level... of Normal and Medium.
We were level 30 Wizards when we beat and were like

 "Wow that wasn't so hard! Lets go up 2 levels in difficulty!"
So we jumped up to Nightmare Master 1.
OMG did we get our asses kicked!!

 We died so much in the beginning we barely made it to The Ruins before we were like "Fuck this! Lets drop it down a level"
So we're now doing Nightmare Hard.

 We're died quite a bit at this level too but not as bad as before.
I was really surprised how much HB was dying because he's played this a ton on PC so I figured I would be the only one dying lol
He hasn't died as much as me but pretty close!
I'm still immensely enjoying this game