Monday, September 23, 2013

So hooked! (Diablo 3 PS3)

First I have to once again profess my love of GameStop.
We traded in 5 games plus HB has a membership card for there PLUS they already had a used copy (craziness) so we got Diablo 3 for a whole $10!
Talk about a total freaking score! I <3 them so much.

Anywho... So we've been playing all weekend whenever HB isn't sleeping lol And we made it to Chapter 2 finally.
I love love LOVE my character the Female Wizard! She kicks major butt.
The only downside is that HB is also playing as a female Wizard and sometimes we can't tell them apart lmao
BUT I found this awesome little thing that gives my character sweet white angel wings so I can tell them apart finally!

The game play is great and I love the story line.
I'm very new to the Diablo games so I don't know anything about them but this is a great storyline.
I'm learning so much when it comes to finding gems now and being able to combine them into better gems.
I haven't messed with blacksmithing yet. I've left that to HB lol

I have some pretty sweet items that all have additional experience on them so I'm gaining XP faster then HB :)

HB was commenting on how interesting it is that you can find Legendary and Rare items so much easier compared to the PC version.

Can't wait for HB to get home from finales so we play some more ::goofy grin::