Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun outside!

Kai had a play date the other day with her best friend Maxton. 
While I actually got to have some adult conversation with Maxton's sweet momma Julia
Yay for adult interaction besides talking to HB

Max and his momma live in a town house with an itty bitty yard on a busy street so I thought they would have more fun running around our huge yard then up in our tiny apartment.
Kai LOVES sidewalk chalk and painting so this is a GREAT combo.
I made up a batch of this in a muffin tin with large cups. I used regular food coloring and made 2 of each color so they could go nuts without fighting over the colors.
They had so much fun that Julia texted me on her way home saying "Max can't stop talking about all the fun they had! He says that Kai is his friend and can't be mine!lol"
I used the recipe above this time around.
Please share any other fun kid recipes :)

Max starting out! He ended up making a cool tie dyed spot.

Going to town with paints. My Mom's dog Teddy came to visit. He left when told he'd get a bath if they got paint on him lol

Talking about all the colors :)

This is the sidewalk by our garden and next to my Dad's apartment. For about a week GrandPop had very pretty art work right outside his door